Wholesale Roses Melbourne

Looking for rose’s online delivery in Melbourne, Australia?

 Melbourne Fresh Flowers also offers Wholesale fresh cut roses ranging from short stems to long, in a variety of beautiful colours, sizes, and fragrances.

Due to extensive research both locally and internationally, Melbourne Fresh Flowers can confidently provide you with long lasting roses at exceptional prices. In order to satisfy our customer's needs, Melbourne Fresh Flowers imports superior quality roses from overseas. Just as we are extremely meticulate about the quality of our roses, we ensure our imported roses meet our high expectations in terms of vase life and head size. To allow these beautiful flowers to last much longer, they are delivered fresh, budding and ready to bloom.

We have large no. of Red varieties along with some colours. Namely, Bordeaux (Red), Aqua (Pink), Gold Strike (Yellow), Avalanche (White) etc.

Melbourne Fresh Flowers provides high quality wholesale roses at very affordable prices. Order to buy wholesale roses online from best flower store.


Box of 1000 Roses (40 cm) for $1350 + Delivery[bud size 3*2cm]

Box of 1000 Roses (50 cm) for $1650 + Delivery [bud size 3.5*2.5cm]

Box of 1000 Roses (60 cm) for $1950 + Delivery [bud size 4*3.5cm]

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