5 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Table with Flowers

November 29, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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A beautifully decorated Christmas table will create an inspiring atmosphere and raise the festive spirit. Melbourne Fresh Flowers offers these 5 beautiful ways to decorate Christmas table with flowers. For this, you will need our service of Christmas flower delivery Melbourne.

Rustic and natural

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Give the table a boost by creating a rustic and natural display with the help of pinecones and a couple of round-cut wooden pieces of a plate size. Arrange the pinecones on the flat-rounded wooden board with adhesive and pair it with a bouquet of Christmas flowers and green foliage. If the table is long, make this rustic and natural centerpiece to occupy the space. But don’t overcrowd the table though. You can buy Christmas flowers from us in Melbourne for creating stunning centerpieces with a range of colorful flowers.

Rustic and fragrant holiday display

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Take a dark wooden basket in a round shape and fill it with fresh-cut blossoms with other natural items such as pincones, Christmas green, and seeded eucalyptus, and green foliage. Place Christmas green and seeded eucalyptus to fill the basket way high above its height. Make some space for pincones, red berry picks, and plaid ribbon in red. The display will become an assortment of different ingredients and create a natural look. Add white and red flowers in the display to give a farm-inspired look. Order online for Christmas day flower delivery.

Christmas Pedestal

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Take two or three-tier wooden pedestal along with some pinecones, candle, and Christmas green. If you don’t have it, use cakeboard to make one by fixing with some good adhesive. The height of the pedestal should not be too high to disturb conversation. Fill each layer with pinecones, berries, willow balls, and twigs, and fresh-cut flowers. To add glow to the centerpiece, place a candle on the top layer and lit it.

Holiday scene on the table

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Place green sprigs in a pair of glass vase. To give it a countryside feel, you can use silver glass or buckets as well. Pair them with golden-spray toy deer and bottle brush Christmas trees with ornaments. Placing red and white roses in the glass or vase with green sprigs can make the table look like a garden.

Classic & Stylish

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If you want to create a classy and simple look easily, go for simple and stylish decoration. For this, you will need to buy Christmas flowers online in traditional red and white colors. Take a medium-sized white plate and fix a tall pillar candle in the middle. Pair the candle with fresh-cut red and white flowers. To make this display go with the table, use white table cloth and cloth napkins.

You can even decorate the chairs by fixing flower corsage at top each end. Leaving a trail of green foliage from top of the chair to the bottom with flowers in between will make the dinner setting fabulous. For Christmas flower Melbourne, call us and get delivery to your doorstep.