5 Spring Flower Arrangement Tips for Your Home

September 05, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Here are some Unique 5 Spring flower arrangement tips for your home


Spring has sprung, the grass has risen. It’s a perfect time to arrange some spring flowers for your home, so we’ve put together a short list of some spring flower arrangement tips to brighten up your house this season. Flowers don’t just have to be in an ordinary vase on the dining table. Get creative this spring with the below flower arrangement ideas for your home.

1.Make vases on your wall

Make Spring Flower Vases on Your Wall

This is a stunning way to display your flowers. Decorate a plain white wall with a multitude of colors, overall brightening up your house. If you’ve got a good set of flowers, you might even get the gorgeous scent permeating the air. If you don’t have much table space, this is the perfect option. You can place the flowers around your television, your dining table, your living area, your fish tank – even around your kitchen or your bed if you like. Brighten up your house this spring by surrounding the room in wall flowers.

Home Decor Spring Flower Vases on Wall

2.Arrange your flowers under a glass

Arrange your Flowers under a Glass

This look is a little bit fancy and reminds us of the magic of the rose in Beauty and the Beast. Sometimes the best things in life are the simple things in life. If you take a couple of flowers and stick them under a glass, you’ll end up with a simple yet spectacular decoration. If you place the glass in the sun, you’ll get the beautiful effect of the light shining off the glass. Bring some sparkle and some color to your home with this gorgeous display this spring.

3. Place your flowers in a teacup

Place your flowers in a teacup

This is a delightful and easy way to decorate flowers beautifully. Just gather a bouquet of flowers and place them into your favourite flowery teacup. Although of course, it doesn’t have to be flowery – it can be any design you wish.
Why should the beauty of the flowers stop at the stem? Ditch the transparent glass vase and grab yourself the mug you usually drink your morning brew.

Spring Flower Arrangement in a Teacup

Make your flowers a cuppa – put them in a gorgeous ceramic mug.

4. Add slices of fruit

Why not combine your love of fruit with your love of flowers? Slice up some lemon, orange, lime, apples, or any other fruit and place them in your glass flower case.

Spring Flower Arrangement with Fruit Slices

Once again, the beauty doesn’t have to stop at the stems. You can color your vase up with the world’s natural foods. This arrangement is quite popular for weddings and other special events, but we think it would also make a great arrangement for your home. Especially if you have a spring dinner party.

Handy tip: use a floral liner separating the flowers and the fruit, so the acidity doesn’t shorten the life of the flowers.

5. Hang your flowers like a chandelier

 Hang your Flowers like a Chandelier

It may take some time to put together, but it is completely worth it to have a beautiful flower chandelier hanging in the living room of your home, or perhaps even your backyard porch.

Again, they are great for dinner parties and events, but we also reckon you could have them in your home displayed as a beautiful ornament (and a great conversation starter).

You might be thinking: how do those flowers live without water? The answer: you stick floral tubes at the end of each flower stem so they stay alive hanging.

Like our flower arrangements arrangement ideas for home? Get in contact with us at Melbourne Fresh Flowers so you can get the right flowers you need for your next spring project.

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