6 Easter Flowers Perfect for Decorating and Giving

March 27, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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With Easter just a few days away, it’s time to contemplate and affirm our faith in good deeds. It’s our moral responsibility to think awhile why Lord Jesus suffered so much for us. What made him endure excruciating pain and sufferings? What gave Him the strength and support to sustain such a horrific humiliation? You will realise

that He had hopes for new beginnings. An era in which people will be treated equally and there will be love everywhere, and not hate. So let go all the hatred and make way for love. It’s time to open up your mind and heart and embrace new things. Get into the spirit of celebration and new beginnings with these 6 Easter flowers


The Lily

                                                  Lily Bouquet Online

Easter is a celebration of victory of good over evil. It’s the day when Lord Jesus was resurrected and there were joy, happiness, love and hope for a better tomorrow. So, the best way to get the essence of Easter is to bring white lilies to home since these delicate flowers symbolize love and hope. By using lilies for home decoration, you display your willingness to embrace new things. And by gifting it to you family members and friends, they indicate your love for them. By incorporating lilies in Easter’s celebration, you are also preserving the traditional way of imbibing divinity and purity.

Easter Daisy

                                                  Easter Daisy Online

Since Easter in Australia marks autumn, one popular flower that blooms this time of the year is Easter Daisy. It is tiny little white flowers when used in bunches and placed in a glass jar can infuse joy and happiness in the home atmosphere. Keeping the jar overflowing with Easter Daisies on the dinning table will heighten the joy of brunching with family members.


                                                  Daffodils Flowers Online

As we all know Easter is the celebration of rebirth of Jesus and new beginnings, what better way it can be to celebrate the festival than daffodils. These gorgeous flowers bloom in yellow, white, pink, orange, and . Pairing them in combination with other flowers in a jar can be the best attraction for your home. Gifting a large grouping of Daffodils connotes love and respect for the recipients.





When subtlety, softness, and longevity are your theme for Easter, then going the unusual way by decorating your home with carnations can be a good thing. These flowers can last more than a couple of days, and survive the hot temperature. You can make ornamental balls with carnations and hang them on the ceiling. Gifting a bouquet of carnation in yellow, purple, red, and orange color on Easter conveys good wishes to friends.


                                                  Tulips Flower Arrangements

When hope, brightness, and love in myriads of colors are synonyms with Easter, then why not observe the festival with Tulips. These all-time favorite flowers represent love and new life. As they are found in several bright colors in a cluster of green leaves, using them in any style of floral design will double the joy of celebration.

Garden Roses

                                                       Garden Roses Bouquet Online

Garden roses are also popular for Easter decoration and gifting. They are not hard to find in April and can infuse fragrance, and softness in the surrounding. Being immensely beautiful, they can also add a divine touch to the celebration. Use these roses with green foliage and arrange them in a wide open-mouth tray.

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