6 Wedding Flowers Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

January 08, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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A wedding celebration is incomplete without flowers. Whether it is for decorating or wearing as ornaments, blooms are inseparable part of the ceremony. Flowers can make a wedding of any scale to be discussed for years. Using imagination, and creativity, you can make stunning floral designs that will take your breath away.

Wedding Canopy

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When the couple exchange vows beneath a wooden wedding canopy decorated with any of these fresh gorgeous blooms – Hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, peonies, ranunculus, guests will love looking and listening at them. A white fabric to drape the legs of the wooden canopy and rolled over with fern, eucalyptus, and trailing green foliage can make a refreshing atmosphere.

The best thing about wedding canopy is that it can be used both for indoor and outdoor weddings. For an indoor wedding canopy, a chandelier adorned with floral arrangements comprising baby’s breath, king proteas, and green eucalyptus will create an image as if blessings are showered on the couple from the heaven.

Cascading Floral

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When you want the wedding to exude opulence with lots of freshness and brightness, then give any vintage car a look your guests will love to take photographs with. For this, you need to create a huge floral display to fill the entire length of the car from the back to the front. The display needs to be thick and lengthy enough so that when it is tied at the back to the car, it should cover the top and cascade to the front bottom of the car.

Floral Canopy

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What if you want your first night as a couple to be colourful, fragrant, and ever-lasting? Then shun away the traditional idea of strewing rose petals on the beds, and instead have a floral canopy over the bed hanging from the ceiling. A drape display hanging from the ceiling and trailing to the four sides of the bed will be stunning. Use lilac, hellebore, spireas, ferns, and green foliage for the display.

Floral Urn Display

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Take two fibreglass floral urn of 24” H x 19” W and overflow it with an assortment of wedding flowers in myriads of colours. You will also need twigs and green leaves to fill the urn with floral foam tied to the urn. Use large-headed flowers with long stems that can easily be pressed into the foam.

Floral Backdrop

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What is a weeding without photographs? To collect memories in photos, a floral backdrop is essential. A floral backdrop, not only makes the photographs appear beautiful, but also creates an amazing sight for guests to look at. You can have it in a square or rectangular shape. For a resplendent display, you can even make the backdrop right from the ceiling to the floor with greenery and flowers of contrasting colours.

Flower Crown

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While a necklace adorns the bride’s neck, a flower crown does the head. You can either wear the headpiece to the front or make use it reverse to adorn the backside of the head. This will make the bride confident of walking towards the stage and the aisle.

Any weeding flower arrangements, centrepieces, bouquets, corsages, etc. require imagination and creativity. If you are cannot think of any flower ideas, contact an online florist who can supply flower arrangements.

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