10 Reasons to Add Fresh Flowers to Your Office

May 10, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Did you know that adding flowers in the office can slightly liven up the space and boost everyone’s mood? Flowers stimulate happy chemicals in the brain, which helps build a positive atmosphere for clients, visitors, employees, or freshers. Office floral arrangements are not just pretty to look at; they also increase productivity and make people feel close to nature.


There are various benefits to decorating your office desks, meeting rooms or reception with floral arrangements. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out the best reasons to add flowers to your workplace –

1. Impress clients/visitors

Office flower arrangement gives a pleasant and visually appealing welcome to the clients or visitors. You can pick the right office flower which looks subtle, professional and classy. 

2. Calms the atmosphere

Flowers work perfectly in a doctor’s clinic, hotel, sauna and many more workplaces where you want your customers or patients to feel calm and comfortable. 

3. Sustaining & attracting employees

These days many organisations or agencies find it hard to sustain employees. Flowers in the office can help encourage positivity and improve the mood of existing employees and serve as a pretty setting in reception or interview rooms.

4. Increases productivity

Flowers help reduce anxiety and stress at work and boost energy in some employees, which leads to more productivity and less negativity. 

5. Encourages creativity

Different flower colours and beauty spark people’s imagination and creativity. Bringing outdoors inside gives them the feeling of thinking freely and in joy. 

6. Lifts up the mood

 Keeping flowers for the office desk gives a great start to the day and can even help uplift someone on a stressful or bad day. A beautiful fragrant arrangement evokes a greater sense of hope for the employees. 

7. Promotes a healthy & clean environment 

Flowers help purify the atmosphere with photosynthesis, which helps increase the oxygen level indoors. They cleanse the surroundings and make people feel fresher. 

8. Reduces stress

People feel more relaxed and comforted around plants and flowers, like when they take a vacation to serene places. Thus, surrounding employees with beautiful and fragrant flowers will add a positive vibe and make things less stressful. 

9. Stimulates memory

Many studies have shown that nature improves memory and attention span, which means keeping flowers at the office can increase employees’ ability to complete tasks effectively. 

10. Inspires bond 

Flowers make the environment positive, which helps make every employee more likely to help out each other or ask for help from their colleagues. Positive thoughts and creative ideas encourage fascinating conversations. 

Now, it all comes down to which flowers should you pick?


Best Flowers for Your Workplace


They’re fragrant, spectacular and give a classy look to your office space. Orchids are both aesthetically pleasing and a great pick-me-up during the day. Get orchids for the office desk and impress your employees with something pretty and fragrant. 



Peace Lily

A pretty indoor flowering plant that takes away the air pollutants. It makes the space feel fresh and soothing with its light fragrance. Buy the peace lily plant for your office cabin and feel closer to nature.




Sunflowers are vibrant and bright blooms that light up any environment. Their presence will fill the room with light, and its yellow colour will make every day sunny. Get these beautiful summery sunflowers for your reception today.

While these are a few top choices, there are other flowers like tulips, chrysanthemum or spring flowers that you can pick through florists in Melbourne, and they could even guide you on the best office scapes flower arrangements and where you can place them.



Best Office Areas To Place Flowers

The first area you can experiment with is the reception, as flower arrangements will bring a warm welcome to visitors, clients, customers or employees. Employee desks are a great place to keep the flowers as their presence helps make things less stressful. 


Office tables, conference rooms, meeting rooms or break rooms are also popular choices for office flowers.