3 Ways To Make Your Mothers Happy This Mother’s Day

May 02, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it is time you plan to gift her something beautiful and meaningful. The best gifts are the ones that have a thought or a heartwarming reason behind them. Think of something that puts a smile on her face, cheers her up, makes her feel appreciated and loved and shows her how much she means to you. 

There is one thing that can make all these factors possible, flowers. You can accompany your gifts or brunch plans with a floral arrangement and give the day/plan a perfect beginning or end. There are different ways in which you make sure that the Happy Mother’s Day flower bouquet makes her feel happy. 


1. The Right Flowers

Every flower has a different meaning behind them, and you should choose a floral arrangement that she will remember forever. Think of what you want the flowers to symbolise, and then talk to a florist about making a customisable bouquet. 

Yellow roses make for the prettiest and a sunny bright floral arrangement. They symbolise love, affection and cheerfulness and are bound to bring a smile on her face. Show her how much you admire her by gifting her these roses. 

Consider going out of your way and arranging for a mixed bouquet. It can include pink carnations that hold a traditional and historical value to Mother’s Day. Add a bunch of gerbera daisies to the bunch that symbolises joy, love and loyalty. Lilies are heartwarming and make for a gorgeous addition to the bouquet. All these come in different shades, so the florist can help you pick pastel colours when you order flowers for Mother’s Day

The last thing that you can always rely on is picking her favourite flowers and gifting them. It will make her feel special that you know which flowers she loves the most. But if people often give her her favourite flowers in the office or at home, you may want to mix and match to add a unique touch. 

Mother's Day Flowers Bouquet


2. Long-Lasting Flowers 

If you are hesitant to gift flowers because you think they’ll eventually wither, we know a few which can last a few days longer and brighten up the house with their fragrance and lovely petals. Orchids are classy, beautiful and can go for 1-3 weeks in a vase of water. You can pick fragrant freesias flowers which last up to 3 weeks in a vase. Make sure that you change the water twice a week. Sunflowers also make a great addition as they are bright yellow and cheerful. They can go on for about 6-12 days in water. 

Mother's Day Beauty in Bag

3. Timing to Give Flowers

If you live far away, you can send flowers for Mother’s Day early in the morning and surprise her with a video call as the bouquet arrives at the doorstep. Another way to make it memorable is to take her to brunch and keep the flowers at the table with a heartfelt note. You can arrange Mother’s day flowers delivery, surprise gifts, and a small get together as a surprise. 

Mother's Day Flower Vase Arrangement