4 Creative Ways To Make Your Flower Decoration For Wedding Stand Out

September 22, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The wedding starts the beginning of a new inning in the couple’s life. And as the old adage goes “Everything ends well that starts well,” your matrimony journey must kick off with a bang, freshness, brightness, and full of vigor. The best way to have a flying start to life’s new beginning is to make your wedding stand out with flower decoration. The freshness, charm, and vibrancy that flowers add to weddings are unmatchable. So plan your Big Day with any talented wedding planners in Melbourne, or follow these 4 ways for wedding flower decoration.

1. Flower Centerpieces


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When it comes to making a wedding venue vibrant, flower centerpieces do it elegantly. They are must-have decorative pieces at weddings. If you are a DIY enthusiast, use some wicker or hand-woven baskets, or decorative storage bins with handles. Play with monochrome or colorful blooms along with green foliage. Tulips and roses are the best combinations to embellish the basket. If you are using bottles and jars, then use colored ribbons or lace and wrap it. The baskets or jars holding the flowers can be in any shape. Just make sure the placement of blooms must be in such a way that they should stick out of the mouth of their holders. If multi-color centerpieces are the wedding theme, white lilies, white roses, blue tulips, daffodils, and red roses can make the surrounding electric.  Just check the online wedding florist in Melbourne and order flowers to your taste.

2. Wedding Bouquets, Corsages, and Boutonniere


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Tossing wedding bouquets over the shoulder is a tradition and is believed that whoever catches them gets married soon. But before tossing, brides have to carry them in their hands. So the bouquet must look stunning and match your wedding dress and accessories. Use a bunch of gorgeous flowers and tie them artfully. A bridal bouquet in a dome shape comprising the same flowers also looks classic. Just keep the diameter of the bouquet to 6 to 8 inches and assemble flowers to make a dome shape. You can tie
the bouquet with ribbons in different colors. For the groom, pin a single-colored, fragrant flower in the lapel. For corsages, use Baby’s Breadth. You will also need other accessories like ribbon, poppy pod, pepper berry, etc.
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3. Embellish the Aisle


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The happiness the couple feels when walking down the aisle is impossible to summarize in words.  So make this moment of stepping into a world of joy special by decorating the aisle in a creative manner. If you want to go the traditional and old way of strewing petals, book wedding flowers online. Or you can have decorative stands of 2.5 to 3 feet in height with hands to hold candles and largemouth in the center to fill it with flowers. The stand with flowers will create an ambiance and will symbolize the freshness in your marriage journey.

4. Decorate Wedding Cake and Dining Table


Wedding Cake Decoration With Flowers


Fresh-cut flowers with green foliage in cascading patterns are a good way to create a lavish ambiance and add appeal to the wedding cake table. You can even cover the cake by laying down fresh flowers around it in a square pattern. Or use small delicate flowers in yellow and white with green leaves in a bunch and place them on the top of the cake to give a natural appeal. For the dining table, glass jars full of roses in different hues will serve as the best centerpieces.

These are not the only ways to make your wedding stand out with flower decoration. If you contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers, an online florist in Melbourne, you can have wedding flowers online along with wedding decorations.