5 Best Easy and Creative Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Venue with Flowers

October 12, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Whether you have planned the Big Day in a church, hall, garden, or on a beach, without flowers, the wedding ceremony will be a damp squib. Luckily, there are the best wedding planners in Melbourne who can handle the responsibility of decorating your wedding venue. These wedding planners know how to use flowers for the arch, pews,

centerpieces, floral monogram, and gorgeous floral backdrop. If you are looking for wedding venue decoration, read these 5 best easy and creative ways.

Floral Wall 

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If you want your wedding ceremony to be resplendent, then awash the backdrop of the stage with a floral wall. Use pastel pink blooms and hang them on a thin, soft, and light fabric to resemble a veil. See that the gauzy fabric is in white color so that it goes well with the bride’s gown. The dark green foliage along with flowers in different shades around the edge of the veil. When the floral wall is ready, you can either use it as a backdrop of the stage or at the place reserved for the bride and groom for dining.


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Flower centerpieces are the most attractive items that change the look of a room, office, or wedding venue. There is nothing better for dressing up dining tables, cake tables, and altars than flower centerpieces. The good thing about them is that there is no limit to let your creative juice flow and are best for DIY wedding decoration.

You just need to order wedding flowers of your choice along with accessories like ribbon, vase, jar, etc. If you want to save money, you can even use empty food containers. Just tie a bunch of flowers with a satin ribbon after cutting the stems in equal length and place it in a glass jar or a cylindrical-shaped vase. For rustic appeal, use a rectangular wooden container and overfill it with green foliage and flowers. For a romantic touch, pair the centerpiece with floating candle jars.

Chairs and Aisles

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The bride and groom are the centers of attraction in a wedding. As such, they both must be offered the best of comfort and every possible luxury. One way to do so is to adorn the couple’s chair with soft silk fabric and flowers. Tie bunches of different wedding flowers to the couple’s chair with pink ribbons. You can even hang small tealight holders on either side of the chair with a couple of roses. To decorate the aisles, flower markers are the simplest and elegant. Use mason jars and fill them with flowers and stems and place them next to each chair. At the back of the chairs for guests, tie a small mason jar that can hold four flowers and a few stems.

Wedding Arc

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To capture the alluring moment of a wedding ceremony, the wedding arc plays an important role. It serves both as a backdrop and a stage for the couple to click photographs. You can make the wedding arch matching your wedding theme. If you have selected a beach as the venue, you can use four canes just a few inches more than the height of the couple. Fix those canes on the beach and drape them with fabric from the top and keep it flowing at the bottom. At the top of the two canes, tie a bunch of flowers.

Floral Pieces

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You can unleash your imagination to the maximum for decorating your wedding venue with floral pieces for there is no limit in making these attractive pieces. You can use wedding flowers for creating a heart shape of any size. Or use flower arrangements and hang them on the chandelier in the hall. To keep the budget in control, use green foliage more than flowers for floral pieces.

Whether you are planning for DIY decorating your wedding venue with flowers or hiring a wedding planner, you will need the help of an online wedding florist. If the wedding is in Melbourne, contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers at 1300 60 20 11 for all your wedding decoration needs.