5 Best Flowers for Your Office Desk

November 07, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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It is imperative to have a soothing and happy office place because that is where you spend most of your time. Decorating your office desk with some beautiful flowers can be the best option to lift the office environment and make it charismatic.

Below is the list of 5 best flowers for your office desk. For those of you, who is more of a nature lover or outdoor enthusiast, looking at the same old office desk every day can create a sense of deprivation.

Adding some creativity to the office environment or using some light therapy lamps can be helpful. But decorating your workplace with flowers can be an instant mood lifter, and improve your productivity, and job satisfaction.

Best Flowers for Desk at Work

Your office space should reflect your enthusiasm and positive vibes. Flowers can be the perfect way to improve air quality, add style to your workplace, and spread joyfulness, and positivity.

1. Colourful Gerbera

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The best thing about these flowers is, they are available in multiple colours. Gerbera does not require much sunlight and can bloom in heavily shaded areas, as well. They can fit into a small space also, and its best quality is its air-filtering properties.

Colourful Gerbera can be the perfect choice for your office desk. You can easily order these flowers for a desk at work.

2. Peace Lily

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If you are looking for some space-filling flowers, the peace lily is an excellent option. It requires very less maintenance, and if you can water it daily, it purifies the air around.

Give your office space some added fragrance with the peace lily. Without having a second thought, order flowers for the office desk now.

3. Orchids

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Orchids flowers are mostly preferred and loved by all. They represent love, luxury, beauty, and strength. Some of the qualities, your office desk, should also reflect. These flowers require minimal maintenance and watering.

At Melbourne Fresh Flowers, you can get a variety of colourful orchids to choose from. Make the most of our service, online flower delivery in Melbourne, and give your office desk a refreshing look.

4. Chrysanthemum


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Having chrysanthemum flowers at your office desk can signify one thing that is, even the beginning of winters can be happy and beautiful. Its most interesting quality is its versatility.

A combination of yellow and green button chrysanthemum can be a blissful sight to begin your office hours with.

5. Roses

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Roses are of course an all-time favorite and can blend into all sorts of moods and places. A bunch of colourful roses can uplift your mood as well as the office environment.

Order online flowers for office desk from Melbourne Fresh Flowers and choose from the multiple options of colourful rose bouquets, vase, and box arrangements.

These are the 5 best flowers for your office desk, order online flowers in Melbourne, and do a makeover of your workplace. We offer specialized service of corporate flowers for all types of business.

Choose from our weekly business flower delivery or order for corporate events. Melbourne Fresh Flowers believes in blooming your brand with flowers.