5 Best Flowers for Your Spring Wedding

September 22, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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If you’re getting married this spring, there’s no better time to pick some beautiful flowers for your special day.

Are you looking for inspiration to brighten up your wedding with a spring wedding bouquet? Below we look at some of the best flowers for your spring wedding that Melbourne Fresh Flowers has to offer. Choose the best flowers for spring wedding and blossom up the festivity vibes.

A wedding might just be the most important day in your life. And spring is the ideal time to show your blossomed love. We’re a passionate wedding florist in Melbourne who love all things daffodils, cornflowers, jasmine and lavender. You can be sure that these sets of stunning flowers will reflect the love that you and your partner will show to the world at your wedding this spring.

We have innovatively crafted some unique collection of spring flowers for weddings ideas to grace precious moments of life. Explore the vivid blossom combinations below:

1.Iris and Asiatic lilies

This gorgeous set of iris and lilies will look perfect in a spring wedding bouquet. Colours include a bright joyful and a rich shade of purple, combining to create a beautiful mix that’ll capture the magic of love.


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With yellow representing happiness, and purple representing peace and devotion, we believe these flowers embody what it truly means to be a fulfilled couple.

Feel at absolute peace with these irises and lilies for your spring wedding flowers on your special day.

2. Lavender lilies

Our lavender lilies are very popular wedding flowers, and there’s no surprises why.


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The purple of a lavender lily is a romantic, peaceful colour. They’ll provide your wedding with a relaxing and lively atmosphere, whilst also acting as an excellent fit for a bridal bouquet.

The gorgeous fragrance of lavender lilies is also very well-known. We love the natural smell of lavender these lilies produce and your wedding guests will too.

The bloom of these stunning flowers represent pure love. They’re a perfect way to start the rest of your life together with your partner by having them at your wedding.

3. Pink Oriental Lilies and Roses

These will provide for a dazzling set of wedding flowers this spring. With pink representing passion and harmony, and red roses representing love, what other colours could you possibly need at your wedding?


Order Pink Oriental Lilies and Roses Wedding Bouquet Melbourne


These perfect love flowers are sensational and are an excellent pick. You’ll make your guests smile and your partner’s heart burst with joy as the sight and scent of these flowers make anyone fall in love.

Throughout the pink and red blossoms is also a perfect blend of green leaves, reminding us that flowers are primarily a piece of natural beauty. Choose this bouquet of green, red and pink, creating a dazzling atmosphere that’ll make your wedding a day to remember.

4. White Lilies and Red Roses

They may seem like a simple arrangement, but the purity of white lilies and the passionate love of red roses will make your wedding seem like a fairy tale.


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Back in the days of Ancient Greece, it was believed that the lily grew from Hera’s milk. Hera was the Queen of the Gods, once of the most iconic figures in Greek mythology. They have come to symbolize virtue and devotion, perfect themes for a spring wedding.

The rose itself has always been the flower of love. Even William Shakespeare made references to roses in Romeo and Juliet when telling the story of the most famous star-crossed lovers. The rose’s beauty has inspired paintings, poetry, literature and film and it’s still the best way to tell someone “I love you”. Imagine walking down the isle holding a flower bouquet of these spectacular wedding flowers. This spring, you can make that happen. We are your perfect florist for a spring wedding blossom decoration to uplift your big day with blissfulness.

5. The Whole Ultimate Beauty Bunch

Our “Ultimate Beauty” pack will be sure to place a smile on everybody’s face and are an excellent selection for a spring wedding.


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This wonderful wedding bouquet contains it all –roses, lilies, orchids and fillers. There’s no need to limit yourself. Show all your guests how crazy in love you and your partner are by going all out with the Ultimate Beauty pack.

You can purchase a pack via a Standard option (25-30 stems), a Medium option (30-35 stems) and a Premium option (35-40 stems). No matter what you choose, the look and smell of the flowers will guarantee a spectacular occasion on your wedding.

They’re also the perfect selection when you don’t know what to get. Why not have it all?

Getting the best flowers for your spring wedding is only a few mouse clicks away. We’ve got some of the most beautiful spring flowers in Melbourne at affordable prices that you can order online today. Get your beautiful and fresh-cut wedding flowers in spring from Melbourne Fresh Flowers.