5 Concrete Ways to Support Disadvantaged Students With Education

January 21, 2021
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Education is one of the fundamental rights of children across the globe for their overall development. However, many kids remain untouched from primary education which becomes a roadblock to their growth and future success. Around 1.2 million Australian children live in poverty, and the right education has become a priority to help them grow and exceed.

top charities in Australia and other nations are working closely with schools and individual tutors to provide needful help. Be it offering infrastructure for teaching to providing food and water, education charities in Australia and other places are doing their best possible jobs.

Being responsible citizens, we can also contribute towards better education of disadvantaged students. Here are the top five concentrated ways we can transform the current education systems and create more opportunities.

1. Offering the right education from an early age

When children go through hardship, it directly affects their ability to learn and concentrate. Kids facing severe struggles at an early age find it difficult to catch up with education at the later stage of life. For streamlining this issue, earlier childhood education brings drastic benefits. On average, one year of pre-school improves the odds of getting more earning opportunities by 10%.

Several Charities in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and other areas are closely working towards offering help to schools in providing better early education. Kids must begin schooling at the right age to perceive their upcoming education with more understanding. Starting foundational schooling at a later age can lead to slow and less-productive learning. Due to this, early mentoring is essential for overall educational growth. To contribute to this noble cause, many florists that offer flower delivery in Melbourne and nearby places are conducting events for charity in Australia.


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2. Teaching at the right pace

Many charity organizations in Australia are dedicatedly working towards redesigning the curriculum for disadvantaged students. With their constant efforts, they can teach and groom children at the right speed. When kids receive support from teachers, many can pace up their learning speed and explore more.

When the kids receive their primary education at the right speed, they can perform much better than 54% of children who did not receive the initial support. As the way towards learning new things will vary from one kid to another, teachers will need to find a common approach for better knowledge delivery.


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3. Building relationships with children & families

Disadvantaged children require more emotional support than kids coming from average families. Their personal life struggle affects how they are learning things. It’s essential to create a positive environment among children and their families to feel more confident. Several children’s charities in Australia are proactively interacting with families to make education more efficient for children.

A small gesture like flower delivery in Melbourne to parents’ place can bring a bright smile on their faces and build a healthy relationship. Organizing monthly discussions with parents can also help in boosting the mutual relationship towards education. When the family members witness progress, the kids also feel happier, and it sparks more interest in learning.

The Smith Family in Melbourne is among the best charities in Australia that is working towards building a healthy relationship and environment for better education.

4. Support of learning resources to children

Apart from learning in the classroom, children should be provided with extra study resources to take home. Learning resources like hand-written notes and explanatory diagrams can help them gain a more firm understanding of their curriculum.

In the classroom also, teachers can use computer programs to deliver lectures interactively and solve children’s doubts. Audio-visual learning is beneficial for slow learners, as they can relate to the visual content in a much better way. The Smith Family South Australia charity hub along with other charities, is working to provide all the necessary learning resources to children with the help of associated schools.


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5. Exposure to extra things

Along with better education opportunities, kids need to have the right exposure to other things like normal kids. A short trip to a museum or a nearby zoo will boost their enthusiasm and motivate them to put in more effort. Teachers need to provide extra exposure to kids to know what the world has for them.

Apart from local field trips, organizing small classroom activities for kids will do wonders as it will help them learn about teamwork and coordination.

These easy-to-adopt ways to help disadvantaged kids can bring a significant change in their lives, and we should contribute to local charities that are working in this direction. Several florists also offer opportunities for contributing to these charities. They donate some part of their monthly sales of Melbourne Fresh Flowers to such charities.

Melbourne Fresh Flowers’ Contribution Towards Better Future

We at Melbourne Fresh Flowers are closely working with The Smith Family Charity to contribute towards the education of disadvantaged children. We are actively organizing fundraising campaigns so more kids can have access to fundamental education.

We donate a portion of sales that we made by selling a particular hand-picked floral arrangement each month. This little move towards empowering the future of kids motivates us to do more.

You can also Send Flowers Online in Melbourne or other places and be a part of this initiative. Offering help to children towards their bright future is the best gift that we can give and make them independent.


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