5 Gorgeous Garden Wedding Ideas

February 22, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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For an outdoor wedding, you can tie the knot in a public park, private garden, a winery, or the open space of your backyard. Even hotels offer open space for weddings. You just need a garden-wedding theme to flare romance. Fulfilling your commitment towards your love amidst greenery  is a romantic way to say “I do.” Here are 5 gorgeous garden wedding ideas.

Garden Flower Arch,

All brides and grooms dream of a grand entry to the wedding venue since all the guests’ eyes are glued towards the entrance. So a flower arch made of cut flowers, and lots of green foliage will be a nice prelude to the wedding. A wedding arch with lots of multi-colored seasonal flowers will make passing through it a pleasant experience. A lush archway with colorful roses and abundant greenery can make a perfect statement.


Garden Flower Arch for Wedding Melbourne


Chairs With Blooms

Express your gratitude for guests by offering them comfortable, fragrant, and graceful sitting arrangements. Just hang a pail on the back of each chair and fill it with seasonal flowers. When the guests would rest their back on the chair, they can smell and relish the natural fragrance of flowers wafting through the air. You can also spread rose petals along the chairs to give the entire sitting arrangement a dreamy appearance.


Chairs With Blooms for Wedding Sitting Arrangement



To add rustic charm to your wedding, create a centerpiece with a round piece of wood with a thickness of not more than 6 inches. The diameter of the wood should be large enough to accommodate two glass vases and three candle holders. Use white lilies, and hydrangea flowers to create a natural-looking centerpiece. Dining amidst the natural atmosphere will lift your wedding experience.


Centerpieces for Wedding Table Melbourne


Wedding Lantern Centerpiece

Dining in a natural environment with the sky over the head and a lantern centerpiece on the table is the best romantic moment one can enjoy with his or her partner. A Greek wedding lantern surrounded with pink, yellow, and purple roses, including green foliage is perfect to give a rustic touch to your wedding.


Wedding Lantern Centerpiece Melbourne



What’s a wedding without photography. To have a perfect spot to capture the most romantic moments of your life, create a canopy and adorn its frame with flowers and fabric. The canopy will match the lush green backdrop of the garden.


Canopy For Wedding Melbourne


If the wedding is on the cards for you, start preparing now. Take the help of Melbourne Fresh Flowers for wedding flowers and installing flower arrangements in the garden. This online florist in Melbourne can make your wedding grand with their creativity and wedding flowers.