5 Native Australian Flowers Associated with Christmas

November 18, 2021
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Christmas is near and the preparations are at an all-time high. And this time, Christmas is going to be a lot more fun as the restrictions have been released in Australia. So, we know that nobody wants to miss out on any front to make their Christmas lively, happier and enjoyable.

Here are 5 Australian native flowers that you should include in your Christmas decoration to give your or your loved one’s space an aesthetic vibe.

1. Waratah – If you are looking for the most aesthetic flower that majorly blooms in New South Wales primarily in red colour (also in pink, white & yellow) then go for this one. Waratah offers a soothing look to your dwellings, especially when placed in an opaque jar, which exposes its woody stems.

Christmas Waratah


2. Christmas Bush – Transitioning from white flowers in spring to red in summer, these flowers are another great choice for those wanting to brighten up their spaces. And the best part is that you will easily find these Christmas flowers in Melbourne.

Christmas Bush


3. Mistletoe – Found in almost 90 variants in Australia, Mistletoe is a bright yellow flower that instantly provides the warmth required on the longest winter night. These are one of the widely used flowers in Christmas trees, and also a preferred choice for gifting someone along with poinsettias.

4. Christmas Orchid – What is Christmas without some relaxing & vivid white flowers? Christmas orchids are commonly found in Queensland & widely used in curating an enthralling Christmas flower arrangement.

Christmas Orchid


5. Bottlebrush – A perfect flower ornament to decorate your Christmas tree is a bottlebrush. This red flower gives a natural and classic look to your bouquet or Christmas tree, making you feel the joy and happiness of the occasion.

Christmas Bottlebrush

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