5 Tips for Flower Arrangement in Office

June 04, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Decking up your office with flowers is not easy even if it looks so. Just pitching a few flowers with stems in a vase and placing them randomly anywhere will do no good. In fact, it will display poor aesthetic sense, and may even make visitors to the office chuckle. Only if you are able to select the right office flowers and plants, you can create some appealing flower arrangements for your office. Follow these 5 inspiration tips to decorate your office with flowers.

Floral centerpiece for reception

The reception is the first thing visitors and clients see first. If it is adorned properly with flowers, it can create welcome feelings for the guests and create a positive ambiance as well. Since the reception is also the area where visitors wait, they would not mind waiting even if the appointment time exceeds. Choose flowers that don’t perish soon. In this regard, orchid flowers outshine all the other blooms. But then, they are pricey. That’s why they are regarded as ornamental flowers. Use peony and hydrangea flowers, grasses with green foliage and arrange them in a crystal pedestal bowl. This table centerpiece will warm up the reception and soothe the senses.


Floral Centerpiece For Office Reception


Floral centerpiece for conference room

Let’s admit that the conference room of every office is an area where lengthy and boring discussions take place. For some, the discussion is to sneak a quick nap. To keep the employees awake, add some splash of color and enhance the outcome of the meeting. A cylindrical-shaped vase with a wide-open mouth to hold a dozen of flowers stems and green foliage will do the job of refreshing. Pick any kind of flowers for the vase in multiple colors. Remember, the flower arrangement shouldn’t appear too loud, but exudes a corporate look.


 Floral Centerpiece For Conference Room

Office Desk Flower Arrangement

Often desks in offices are riddled with notepads and pens. No doubt, these are essential items at work. The downside is, it makes the workstation dull and boring. To add spice to the office desk with just a glass and a few rose stems. Pick your favorite flower and color and place them in the glass. Keep the glass vase next to the computer screen. Who knows, the fresh flowers can also minimize the side effect of the radiation emanating from the monitor.


 Office Desk Flower Arrangement

Orchids and Foliage Arrangement

A contemporary arrangement of orchids and foliage can give a vibrant look to the office. Use white and yellow orchids along with green and arrange them in a square acrylic vase with 5-inch wide open mouth. You can keep this flower arrangement on the table where your employees will be doing creative work.


 Orchids and Foliage Arrangement For Office

Rustic Charm

If you want to add country charm to your office, then this flower arrangement of garden daisies in a rustic metal pitcher will exude that charm. This floral happiness appears straight from the farm and helps employees connect with their hometown.


Rustic Charm Flower Arrangement For Office


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