7 Common Flowers And Their Secret Meanings

October 02, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Flowers are a gift from the gods that reminds humans the ever-giving nature of our natural world. The sheer beauty of flowers has inspired generations of poets, across cultures, to write eulogies in their glory (Keats, anyone?).

Flowers are present in almost every event and occasion in our lives, whether we are celebrating a birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, a wedding, graduation day, and wedding anniversaries and so on. Even in home decor, we cannot imagine a prettier accessory than flowers!

The cheerfulness that flowers bring has the power to uplift an ailing patient in a hospital, while expressing sympathy and solidarity with someone in their hour of crisis (e.g. a funeral).

Affordable and available in a seemingly endless variety of size, shape and colours, flowers have been historically the perfect gift. However, each flower has its own unique meaning and symbolism and it is advisable to learn them before you choose to hand over a well-meaning bunch of pretty blooms that may not be amusing to the recipient!

Melbourne Fresh Flowers brings you a list of the world’s most gifted flowers and their hidden meanings. At the end of this reading, you will have the perfect guide for your next purchase!


Hydrangeas Vase Arrangement Melbourne


Derived from Greek words hydros, meaning water and angos, meaning jar, hydrangeas are often a fourth anniversary gift. The pink variety symbolizes heartfelt appreciation and feelings of romance while purple ones stand for a deep wish to get to know someone. If you are looking to apologize with hydrangeas, opt for blue ones.


Order White Orchid Plant Delivery Melbourne


The etymological origins of this celebrated flower is interesting, to say the least. Derived from Greek orchids, meaning testicles, these beauties fascinated Greek botanist Theophrastos at the time! While all orchids are generally taken to denote love and beauty, the different colours have added layers of meanings to them.

• Blue for rarity.
• Red for passion and desire, or strength and courage.
• Pink for grace, joy and happiness and femininity.
• White for reverence and humility, innocence and purity, and elegance and beauty.
• Purple for respect, dignity and royalty.
• Yellow for friendship, joy and new beginnings.
• Orange for enthusiasm, boldness and pride.
• Green for good fortune and good health.

Which ones do you need?


Iris Flower Arrangement Melbourne


Iris generally denotes wisdom and royalty, and sometimes even bravery, traits attributed to the Greek goddess, Iris, after whom the flower gets its name. The exuberant colours of the flower can turn any dull environment into a magical one. Just like orchids, different colours add different meanings to the flower.

• Purple for royalty and wisdom.
• Blue for hope.
• Yellow for passion.
• White for purity and innocence.

Lotus Flowers

A single lotus flower in a bouquet makes it more refreshing and presentable. These flowers appear beautiful in different flowers arrangement like garden style weddings, birthday or marriage. You can even send them as wedding anniversaries flowers in Melbourne.

Many religions have come to settle on the lotus as a holy symbol. Apart from this spiritual significance of the flower, it also stands for patience, purity, compassion, self-awareness and faithfulness. So, they are the perfect gift for a loved one.


Carnation Box Arrangement Melbourne


The magnificent flower of the Gods (derived from Latin dios, meaning gods, and anthos, meaning flower), has mesmerized humans since the ancient times. Depending on the colour and the situation, carnations mean different things. Generally, however, they symbolize love and uniqueness.

• Red for love.
• White for purity and good fortune.
• Pink for maternal love.
• Yellow for rejection or disdain (hmm…use that one carefully!)
• Purple for instability and capriciousness.
• Striped for regret.

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Peonies Flower Delivery Melbourne


A favourite of the bride, peonies contribute to the romantic charm of a wedding destination. They are also deployed by brave hearts professing their true feelings to their heartthrob (we wish them luck with our handpicked bouquets)!


Chrysanthemum Bouquet Online Melbourne

Etymologically, a combination of two Greek words, chrysos (gold) and anthemon (flower), this official November flower symbolizes joy and beauty. Moreover, it is also the preferred choice for Mother’s Day gifts in Australia.


Lilies Flower Delivery Melbourne

Derived from the Latin word, lilum, true lilies (for there are many) commonly symbolize royalty, motherhood, fertility, purity, youth, passion and determination, renewal and rebirth.

• White lilies symbolize purity. The Madonna Lily is often considered the symbol of the Virgin Mary in many Christian traditions.
• Striped pink or the Stargazer symbolizes ambition and encouragement during difficulties.
• Yellow and gold lilies symbolize health and healing.
• Red lilies are popularly used in weddings as they symbolize passion.

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Red Roses Delivery Melbourne


Etymologically derived from the Latin, rosa, the rose is easily the most recognizable flower in the world. Each colour of a rose has a unique meaning.

• Red roses have been the most popular and the most enduring symbols of love in the modern world.
• Pink roses have come to signify gratitude, cheerfulness and even love and commitment. This is why they are often gifted on Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversaries.
• White roses symbolize new beginnings, respect and hope. They are ideal as graduation day gifts, in bridal bouquets, a farewell and so on.
• Orange roses mean gratitude, passion and love.
• Yellow roses are symbolic of friendship, cheerfulness and well being.

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Order Tulips Bouquet Online Delivery Melbourne


The original symbol for paradise on Earth, the tulip, historically used to convey love. Different cultures have used it to signify the nature of life itself. Depending on its colour, tulips mean the following:

• Yellow stands for unrequited love.
• Red stands for passionate and intense love.
• Purple stands for royalty, abundance and prosperity.
• Pink stands for affection.

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