7 Things Orchid Lovers Should Know

June 11, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Orchids are the epitome of beauty, luxury, and strength. They belong to a large family of flowering plants with 25000 different species. These beautiful and elegant flowers have a deep connection with Greek mythology. In fact, the name ‘orchid’ is taken from the Greek word ‘orchis,’ which means testicle. Another legend associates them with a Greek character called Orchis, whom the gods turned into a flower. Their geometrically shaped petals, distinct patterns, beauty,  fragrance, and medicinal properties have made their exotic flowers. They look rich and luxurious when used in floral displays. No wonder, florists in Melbourne use them in flower arrangements to add grace and beauty to any event. If you are an orchid lover, you must know these seven things about it. 

Orchid Characteristics

Orchids are found in a gamut of colors and sizes. Some species of these delicate flowers can grow to small, medium, and large sizes. The medium and large-sized orchids belong to the Grammatophyllum species and can even weigh up to a hundred pounds, or more than that. The smallest orchid – Plztystele Jungermannioides grows to a meager size of 2mm. Whether small, medium, or large three petals, and three sepals, which also resemble the petals are the common characteristics in orchids. The waxy tube-like structure found in orchids is called the column, which is a combination of the male and female plants’ organs. However, what makes orchids similar is their bilateral symmetrical structure. They are pollinated by bees and other insects.


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What your love for orchids makes you

Orchid lovers are considered polite, practical, and social. This means you are the one who doesn’t get carried away easily and weigh your attitude carefully. Though you have a refined taste, you struggle a lot when it comes to polishing your appearance. You are honest and speak your mind. But since orchids are expensive flowers, you experience a sudden change in your mood. If you want to express appreciation to someone for their refined and worldly characteristics, order flowers online in Melbourne and send a bouquet of orchid

14th Anniversary Flower

Orchid is gifted to loved ones to congratulate them on their 14th wedding anniversaries. By sending a bouquet of orchids of this occasion, you express love and appreciate the couple for their wisdom, and thoughtfulness. With the orchid bouquet, you also wish the recipient a long life.


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High survival instinct

Some species of orchid plants are blessed with a long life. They can literally survive up to 6 months.  But such species only grow once or twice a year. However, the lifespan of orchids will depend on how you take their care. Just provide the right environment for them to thrive by placing the plant in a bright area.


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Orchid meaning and symbolism

The orchid is a perennial flower with high regard in Greek and Chinese mythology. It symbolizes love, beauty, fertility (in Chinese culture), refinement, thoughtfulness, and charm. The Greek considers its large tuberous roots as a symbol of a male child, and the small tubers for a female child.

Orchid color meanings

The common meanings of orchids are love and beauty. But due to their variety in colors, each carries a different meaning.

 1. Blue – This orchid color represents a rarity since they are rare to find. One can find orchids in tinted blue, but not true blue.

2. Red – This color symbolizes passion, desire, strength, and courage.

3. Pink – Pink orchid signifies joy, happiness, grace, innocence, and femininity.

4. White – White orchid symbolizes humility, innocence, purity, and elegance.

5. Purple – Purple color in orchids represents admiration, dignity, respect, and royalty.

6. Yellow – Yellow orchid is meant for celebrating friendship, joy, and a new beginning.

7. Orange – Orange orchid expresses boldness,  pride, and enthusiasm.


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Orchid usage

The floral industry worldwide is smitten by the beauty of orchid flowers. Therefore, all online florists in Melbourne use them in flower arrangements to grace the occasion. Orchids are also used for preparing perfumes, spices, and drugs owing to their fragrance and medicinal properties.

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