All About Peonies

November 29, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The beauty of nature cannot be explained in words and flowers are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of nature.

Each flower has its own beauty and significance. And not to forget the different vibrant colours all the flowers have.

The Peonies season has knocked the doors and today we are going to discuss all about these fascinating flowers. One of the best things about this flower is it can outlive your life span.


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Shocked? Well, the fact is a Peony plant can live up to 100 years. Interesting isn’t it?

Peonies usually bloom from Spring to early Summer and of course, it is Peony season in Melbourne too.

Let us dig in a little deeper and get to know all about these dazzling flowers – their meaning, types of Peonies, what they symbolise, their origin, everything.

Peonies are one of the most popular flowers. Not just because of the beauty and grace they withhold, but also they are one of the flowers that have the longest lifespan.

Meaning Of Peonies And Their origin

There is an interesting story of how the name originated. According to Greek Mythology, the name Peonies comes from – Paean or Paeon, the Greek deity of healing. He was cursed and turned into a Peony flower by his teacher. The deity of healing was saved from Asclepius, the god of medicine by Zeus, the king of the gods. His teacher got jealous of him and turned him into a flower and hence the name ‘Peonies’ originated.


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Since the story is all about vengeance and deity of healing the symbolism of this flower is all about all the beautiful and healing things of life. Starting from prosperity, good luck, compassion, romance shyness and bashfulness, it also symbolises a happy marriage and good fortune.

In fact, Peonies are the best flowers to be presented to a couple, especially on their 12th anniversary.

Talking about the scientific side, the botanical name of Peony is Tree peony (Paeonia Suffruticosa). These flowers are also widely known for their medicinal properties, of course it has to, mythologically it is the deity of healing that was turned into this flower.

In China, Peony is the King of Flowers and in Greece, they are the Queen of herbs. The Chinese name of this flower is truly justified. They call it ‘Sho Yu’, which means ‘Most Beautiful’.

Different Colours of Peony

Though Peonies come in almost all colours except blue but the most common colours are pink and white. Just to add on, these are only the basic colours but different types of peonies bloom in a rainbow of different vibrant colours.


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As you scroll down you will get to know more about the types of peonies. Garden peonies bloom in, pink, white, rose, and red colour. Hybrid and tree peonies bloom in deep purple, mahogany, bright yellow, and coral colours.

There are around 30 species of Peony with approximately 3000 different varieties.

Types of Peonies

There are basically three types of Peonies namely:

1. Herbaceous Peonies

Also known as garden peonies, they are most commonly found and hence are also the most popular ones. The usual length of this type is, from 2-3 feet and they bloom for 7-10 days. The most common shades are, red, white, and pink.

2. Tree Peonies

These types of peonies usually grow as long as 7-8 feet and bloom in colours like white, pale yellow, and pink. These types of Peonies are woody perennial shrubs and grow at a rather slow pace.

3. Itoh Peonies

Itoh peonies are basically the hybrid of Herbaceous and Tree Peonies. They can bloom for as long as 3-4 week. One of the most interesting qualities of Itoh peonies is that they bloom in tints of gold and vibrant yellow, which cannot be seen in the other two types.

Peonies are one of the flowers that every gardener would love to have.

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