Autumn Flowers And Their Meanings

February 27, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Autumn brings to us a few vibrant, beautiful, flowers worth gifting. It is that time of the year when leaves from the tree start to fall indicating the knocking of the winter. This pleasant season usually starts from March and continues up to May in Australia. Flowers that bloom in this season are worth bringing a new life into any home and gifting loved ones.



 Hyacinths Autumn Flower Delivery Melbourne


Though these bulgy flowers are not native to Australia, they are seen in plenty in this country in April. Being bulbous, they are not preferred by many either for home decoration or for gifting. But when used, they surely gain compliments from the sender.

Hyacinths are found in a variety of colours with different meanings. For example, purple means seeking forgiveness, or expressing deep regret; yellow represents jealousy; white symbolizes loveliness; red means recreation; and blue for consistency.



  Autumn Dahlia Flower Delivery Melbourne


When the brightness of the sun is to be compared with anything, dahlias offer the best option. These flowers bloom in summer and stay till winter. They never fail to add grace to a bouquet for any occasion. Being blessed with many colors, they have a spectrum of meanings. For instance, red means power and strength to the recipient; pink and purple are for kindness and grace; white for purity and focused; blue and green are for fresh starts; and black for warning of betrayal.



  Autumn Vibrant Roses Flower delivery Melbourne


Roses are in full swing in April in Australia. They are timeless beauty that never fails to charm the recipients. Roses are perhaps the only blossom that has more varieties in color than any other flowers. Though red roses are traditionally associated with love and romance, other colors have different meanings. For example, yellow roses are gifted to friends as a token of friendship; orange to convey enthusiasm, and white represents innocence and purity.



  Autumn Chrysanthemum Flowers Delivery Melbourne


Who doesn’t want his or her home to be filled with happiness? If that’s what you wish, then chrysanthemums are the blossoms that you need. These beautiful flowers have a strong association with happiness and cheer. They are usually referred to in short as ‘mums’ and hence is the most preferred choice for ‘Mother’s Day.’ Though they represent joy, optimism, fidelity, and longevity, each color bears a different meaning. For example, red is for love and deep passion; yellow for sorrow or neglected love; white for loyalty and honesty; and violet for wishing ‘get well.’



 Celosias Autumn Flower Delivery Melbourne


Celosia flowers are also called cockscomb due to their unusual look. These textured flowers appear like spires because of which they never fail to attract attention. Their name is a derivation of a Greek term for ‘burned.’ The reason can be the brownish spires that look charred. Due to unusual looks, each color connotes a different meaning. For example, orange means creativity, yellow represents peace, and red symbolizes passion.

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