January 06, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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If you’re looking for ways to send flowers on Valentine’s Day 2022, then you’re likely also planning to get some sort of lovable message across to your special someone. Generally, this is a message of love, affection or true friendship and flowers make an incredible way to convey all of these sentiments.

That said, you may be scratching your brain that— what are the best flowers for Valentine? Don’t worry we’re here for you. Here are some of our top selections of Flowers for Valentine’s Day:


Flowers have special meanings associated with them, but each flower carries its own rare set of symbolism and meanings. So, if you’re planning to go with your particular choices for Valentine’s Day flower delivery, take a closer look at these popular Valentine’s Day flowers options.

Valentine Day Roses

Roses are the first and foremost choice of all of us when it comes to sending the best Valentine’s Day flowers. It’s the most popular choice of flower on V-Day. However, there’s no definite reason why roses have consistently been holding the top place, but still, there’s an array of speculations.

Roses for valentines

There is no denying that roses grab everyone’s attention with their classic beauty and enchanting fragrance. You can also find plentiful roses varieties in different colors and qualities. But, long-stemmed red roses are so often considered as the symbol of love and romance.

The velvety-textured, deep red roses can help you express your amorous feelings to your special someone on Valentine’s Day. And, if you are aware of your loved ones’ color preferences, then, you can also go ahead with some other color Roses for Valentine, like yellow roses, white roses, pink roses, etc. No matter which color roses you choose, we’re sure they will convey your true emotions to your loved one is a perfect way.


Eternal Tulips

Tulips especially red ones are considered the best flower to show perfect love according to a Turkish legend. Pink and red tulips are also a thoughtful gift to create new memories that last long. So, if you’re looking for something dreamy and ultra-romantic flowers for Valentine’s day, tulips could be the other best choice.

Valentines day flowers

These flowers can brighten someone’s day instantly as yellow tulips are said to be a symbol of cheerful thoughts. And, if you are trying to mend your relationship with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, then white tulips are the flowers that could help you do that as they symbolize forgiveness.


Eye-catching Gerberas

Bright bold and happy, that’s what Gerbera flowers stand for. These blooms are just loved and they can immediately put a smile on everyone’s face.

Valentines day flower delivery


So, if you want to send other flowers instead of Roses for Valentine, then, happy gerberas make a wonderful choice. These colorful charmers are considered as the symbol of beauty, innocence, and purity that can behold anyone’s heart.

Cute Carnations

These cute ruffle flowers are not less than roses in popularity, likely due to their feminine appeal and affordability. No matter carnation flowers are associated with fascination and affordable price tag, they can make a great pick to represent romance and strengthen a relationship in its early phases.


Valentines day flowers

Additionally, there is an array of carnation flower colors available to choose from, so you can certainly shop one that will match your valentine’s choice as well as style and personality. As an additional bonus, carnations are also long-lasting cut flowers.


Plush Lilies

Whether white, pink, red-orange, or red, lilies are ideal Valentine’s Day flowers for a sophisticated recipient.

Flowers for valentines day

So, you can’t go wrong with any of its variety, as they are surely gonna please a person with elegant styles and sophisticated tastes. Plus, these Oriental white lilies have an awe-inspiring fragrance and drop-dead gorgeous look that can mesmerize anyone’s heart.


Final Thoughts

So, when you’re all set to kickstart your planning for flower delivery for Valentine’s Day, just visit Melbourne Fresh Flowers. We provide same-day Valentine’s day roses delivery as well flowers for all occasions. Our best valentines flower arrangements created by our expert florists will surely express all your sentiments to your special one on special Valentine’s Day 2022.