Best Mini Flower Heart Wreath Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

February 04, 2021
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Flower wreaths are not only for decorating your house for Christmas or Thanksgiving. They go well with your Valentine’s Day decoration and add a twist of vibrancy to your romantic day. Valentine’s wreaths made up of premium flowers look fresh, and they take your home décor to another level. Whether you want your décor to be luxuriant, minimalistic, or rusty; floral wreaths can deck up your place with perfection.

Apart from impressing your partner with Valentine’s Day flowers, fill their heart with excitement through an eye-catchy wreath that your partner will appreciate for sure. Well, for doing so, you don’t have to sit for hours and keep browsing the designs. We have got the best Valentine’s Day wreath DIY inspirations that will turn your day into a beautiful fairy tale.

Whether you are on the side of soft and caring pink or vibrant and lively red— you have got a lot of playful wreath options that are just perfect to spice up your V-day celebrations.

Mystic Red Tulips Valentine’s Wreath

Tulips look elegant, and they stay fresh for a longer time as compared to many other blossoms. You can go for a lovely full red color wreath made up of fresh large-head tulips. It will look refreshing on your entrance door and bring a bright smile to your partner’s face. You can also add a couple of yellow or orange tulips to enhance the vibrancy of your romantic tulip wreath.


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To elevate the happiness, prepare your partner’s name cut out and place it in the center of the wreath. This small gesture of love will for sure melt your partner’s heart.

Opt for a round-shaped tulip wreath while you order as the round shape will complement the flowers’ design. If you plan to skip ordering the wreath from the florist, you can buy flowers online, make a customized design for your love. Get the fastest flower delivery in Melbourne or any other city and begin your wreath decorations.

A minimalistic succulent inspiration

Impress your partner with an unconventional rustic-style wreath ring in your Valentine’s celebration in a unique way. Succulents are also available in small sizes, and they look out of the box in wreath design. You can combine green foliage with succulent flowers and deck it up with a silver ribbon.

The heart-shaped succulent wreath looks exceptional to greet your partner uniquely.


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You can decorate your living room’s main wall with this design as it will complement your other décor elements.

Romantic Rosebuds Wreath 

Beautiful red color or pink roses and Valentine’s heart wreath go hand in hand as roses are enough to charm your partner and tell them how much you care. Go for a heart-shaped rose wreath, and it will look right at both your main entry door and your living room.


Beautiful Pink Roses Wreath for Valentine's Day Delivery Melbourne


If you plan to make it by yourself, then there are various videos available on how to make a heart-shaped wreath that will help you out. Choose luxury flowers for same-day delivery at your doorstep and surprise your better half with a hand-made wreath. You can also add a red color velvet bow to your wreath to elevate the design.

Along with the wreath, you can prepare small hand-written greeting cards and write sweet messages for your sweetheart. Stick 2-3 cards around the wreath and pump up the excitement.

Elegant personalized carnation wreath 

When it comes to luxury flower arrangements that look elegant, and refreshing, carnations are the answer. Pastel pink round-shaped wreaths will look exceptional in your living room. You will easily find these luxury flowers in Melbourne, Sydney, or any other area.


Pink Roses Circular Wreath for Valentine's Day Delivery Melbourne


You can club carnations with red roses, and yellow tulips to add a punch of vibrancy. Carnations signify unconditional love, affection, and care, and they are perfect for expressing the warmth of your dear. Give it a personalized touch by sticking small photographs cut-outs of your special moments and relive those beautiful times again.

Along with creating a wreath, you can also use carnations to decorate your room for Valentine’s celebration. You will find a lot of florist hubs that offer affordable flower delivery in Melbourne or another city to begin the festivities.
Snowy white wreath Without any second thought, the white color looks classy, and it makes the home’s décor to another level. You can pick beautiful white lilies and orchids to prepare a small wreath for your Valentine. Get the same-day flower delivery in Melbourne and indulge in the fun activity of designing a floral wreath.

If you are looking for indoor Valentine’s Day ideas in Melbourne or another city, preparing a wreath is a perfect activity to start your day. Order luxury flowers online at your doorsteps along with a box of chocolate and add a make your day memorable. Flaunt your homemade wreath design with your friends and make your partner feel special.

Preserved pink hydrangea wreath

Wreaths made up of preserved pink hydrangea flowers look beautiful, and it’s a perfect décor setting for your living room. As it seems vibrant, you don’t need anything extra to compliment it. You can also get carnations, and roses from Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery and compliment this hydrangea arrangement. Go for a heart-shaped pink design and make your V-day a memorable one.


Pink Hydrangea Wreath for Valentine's Day Delivery Melbourne

Final Thoughts!

Tune in to your favorite web shows, take cooking classes, or organize a wine tasting session at your home to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Melbourne, or any other city. This year’s celebrations may be different from previous years but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it markable

Even if you are not able to celebrate this day of love together, send flowers online to Melbourne at your partner’s home and tell them how much you love them.

To create your own customized flower wreaths for Valentine’s Day or any occasion, you can connect with us.


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