Best Flowers for Mother’s Day 2022

March 19, 2021
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Moms are not less than our superheroes and no one can replace them in our lives. They must have supernatural powers, that’s why they juggle a million tasks every day, but still never forgets to care for us and are always available to shower their love and affection on us. So, on that note, there should be no such particular day or date when we should thank them. But, still, we have a special day called “Mother’s Day” dedicated particularly to moms. We celebrate this day every year on the second Sunday of May.

And, as we all know Mother’s Day 2022 is fast approaching, so, we all must start prepping to commemorate this day to express our feelings for our lovely mothers. Even though she will always ask you not to buy anything for her, still she will definitely be pleased with the beautiful Mother’s Day Flowers.

As we are experiencing tough COVID times and celebrating any special occasion together is not so easy. But, not being able to meet your mom this Mother Day in person doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate her day. You can still surprise her by sending a beautiful flower bouquet online. Just remember you better off placing your order for mother’s day flowers online earlier than later feeling bad due to COVID-19-related shipping delays. Some best online florists are also available who provide instant mother’s day flower delivery in Melbourne and nearby suburbs. So, you can rely on them and pre-book mother’s day flowers and gifts online in Melbourne or any other place she resides.

Now, when you have decided to send your mom a bouquet of fresh blooms this Mothers Day, you might have also been scratching your brain… which ones? This is where we come in and are ready to help you choose the best ones.
Here are our top recommendations for the flowers to give to your special lady this Mother’s Day.

#1 Glorious Gerberas “For the mom who likes bright hues”

Buy Glorious Gerberas For Mother day Melbourne


Send a burst of colors to her door this Mothers Day with Colorful Gerberas or any other particular gerbera assortment of her favorite color. There are many Gerbera bouquet options available that come in spring-appropriate hues like Yellow Gerbera Bouquet, White Gerberas Bouquet, Pretty in Pink with Vase, Gerbera Beauty in Bag arrangement, etc.
So, all the Victorians out there; order this springtime Gerbera bouquet online for your mums and bring a cheerful smile to their faces this Mothers Day. Make sure you get your order pre-booked with a reliable florist like Melbourne Fresh Flowers. When you shop with them you will get to enjoy the same-day flower delivery in Melbourne and nearby Melbourne suburbs without any hassle. Hurry, Shop Now!!

#2 Eternal Roses“For the Mom who appreciates classic arrangements”

Send Eternal Roses for Mother Day Melbourne


Who says roses are just for Valentine’s Day? Well, we agree that these are the best option for Valentine’s Day Flowers, but these classic roses are just perfect for every occasion. So, they are also a great gift for moms who just love traditional and classic things. However, you can skip the red color roses, because they are typically associated with love & romance. Instead, you can go for a multicolored bouquet which is truly a rainbow of pretty roses. You can also opt for Orange Delight Rose Bouquet, Pink Roses Bouquet, Yellow Roses Bouquet, or a special Gerbera N Rose Arrangement available only at the Melbourne Fresh Flowers website.

These rose arrangements signify gratitude, joy, and admiration. White Rose Bouquet is another good mother’s day flower option as it symbolizes purity and thoughtfulness. So, go ahead and book these delicate rose bouquets online and expect a big smile and appreciation from your mom for sure this Mothers Day 2022.

#3 Cheerful Tulips- “For the Mom who wants it colorful”

Send Cheerful Tulips For Mother Day Melbourne


As we all know Mother’s Day is a spring celebration. And, tulip flowers signify that we’re being ushered into spring. So, they are a great seasonal choice and a perfect flower for Mother’s Day. They come in a variety of hues & meanings and have a fresh & appealing scent that lasts longer than many other flowers. You can pick your mum’s perfect shade or give her a surprise with a show stopper Mixed Tulip Bunch available online at the Melbourne Fresh Flowers website.

So, without further ado, pre-order a mixed tulip bunch in all the colors of the rainbow right away and show your mother how much you care for her. Also, enjoy the same-day flower delivery in Melbourne while shopping online with Melbourne Fresh Flowers. They also provide a card message option for you with every order. So, you can request a personal note on your behalf for your mom this Mother’s Day.

#4 Lush Lilies “For the Mom who likes aromatic statements”

Lush Lilies For Mothers Day Melbourne


How can we forget the firm favorite lilies as special mother’s day flowers? The sweet and flavorful lily flowers add a touch of elegance and an aromatic feel to any flower arrangement. You can make a lily bouquet arrangement on your own this Mother’s Day. For that, you just need to mix it with any blooms like gerbera, roses, orchids, and plenty of lush foliage and you will all be set with bursting beauty that will certainly make your Mum’s day extra special. Check out such beautiful spirit arrangements at the Melbourne Fresh Flowers online shop that brings all such beautiful blooms in one package along with lush oriental lilies.

We are sure that these exquisite flowers will definitely steal the show this Mother’s Day. They come in a variety of colors so, choose the color just right for mum. And also remember they smell fabulous too.

#5 Elegant ChrysanthemumsFor the Mom who adores radiant beauty”

Chrysanthemum for Mother's Day Delivery Melbourne


Chrysanthemums are yet another best Mother’s Day flower option. This classic arrangement is an ideal mother’s day gift for a reason as it has “mum” in the name! They look gorgeous in a mixed arrangement and also come in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can find a Mixed Bright Chrysanthemum Bunch online that matches your mum. So, what are you waiting for? Shop these truly versatile blooms online from a trustworthy florist like Melbourne Fresh Flowers. They provide luxury flower arrangements online made with high ethical standards and tied in upcycled, eco-friendly jute wraps.
Brighten up your mum’s Day with these floral arrangements this Mothers Day 2022. She’ll definitely wake up with a broad smile on her face when she’ll spot these bright blooms on this special day.

#6 Eco-Friendly Plants“For the mum who prefers green environ”

Order Orchids Plants For Mothers Day



They say “good things come in small packages” and when it comes to green indoor plants that become absolutely true. Green plants have special importance in our lives and nowadays, everyone is interested in gifting plants. These sophisticated arrangements last longer than any other gift and also purify our atmosphere. So, if your mum has caught a plant fever, then go for classic indoor plants online. Orchid Plant, Peace Lily Plant will be a nice addition to her potted plant collection. Go ahead and send Mother’s day plants online as these are the perfect choice for mums who just love classics.

Final Thoughts
We understand it’s truly difficult to express your entire feelings to the special lady in your life with just a gift, but a bouquet of fresh flowers can say it all. So, if you wanna steal her heart with the Best Mother’s Day gifts this Mother’s Day, choose between these flowers and plants online. These arrangements will definitely be appreciated by any type of mom. Take a browse through the top Mother’s Day flower varieties from a reliable online florist like Melbourne Fresh Flowers. They provide last-minute doorstep flower delivery in Melbourne and nearby suburbs without any hassle. Hurry Up, pre-book your Mother’s Day Flower and Gifts online to avoid that last-minute delivery delays.


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