Bridal Bouquet – Tips to Choose One

January 31, 2016
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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When it comes to weddings, all eyes are set on the bride! With the bride being the center of attention, no doubt she wants everything to be perfect. Right from the dress to jewellery, accessories to bridal bouquets, there are minor details that complete a bride’s look. No bridal look is complete without a wedding bouquet, hence it is very important to choose the bridal bouquet wisely. Depending on your budget, you can also choose flowers delivery in Melbourne and create your own wedding bouquet.

Just like the bridal gowns, there are various options available for bridal bouquets in terms of shape, flowers, size, and appearance. Remember, a bridal bouquet should complement your bridal gown, and match its style. So whether you choose roses delivery Melbourne or opt for seasonal flowers, you need to make sure it accentuates your overall bridal appearance. If the bouquet does not match the bridal gown, it will ruin the overall bridal look. Here are a few tips for choosing bridal bouquets

Choose the bridal gown first and then design the bridal bouquet accordingly. Depending on the color, style, and style of the bridal gown, you need to choose the floral components of the bouquet.

If you have chosen a heavy bridal gown, opt for a simpler bouquet as it adds a dramatic effect to the appearance. Always remember, the size of the bouquet should be less than your waist otherwise it will make you appear fat.

Opt for seasonal flowers as they add elegance to the wedding.  You can also utilize the same flowers in the decor or in table centerpieces. Instead of going from shop to shop, you can place an order and ask them to send flowers to Melbourne or the venue you have chosen for the wedding.

There are several tasks a bride needs to take care of, on her wedding day. Making sure there are flowers for the wedding bouquet should be the last thing she should worry about. Order flowers online in Melbourne to make sure there are fresh flowers for your bridal bouquet.

The bridal bouquet is the focal point for a bride’s look, so make sure you get it right!

Fresh Flowers – Creative Ways to Use Them

Is bouquet the only use of fresh flowers you can think of? Well, not anymore. Flowers have moved beyond pots, vases, and bouquets, and you can utilize them in more creative ways. No matter what the occasion is, fresh flowers can never go wrong.  With online flower ordering possible, you can get fresh flowers anywhere in Melbourne. Now, you do not need to wait for an occasion or special day to order flowers, you can order them anytime and use them in creative and unusual ways.

Few creative ways in which fresh flowers can be used include –

Floral Wreath – Colorful and pleasant fresh flowers wreath outside your door gives fragrant welcome to your guests. If you are decorating your home for a party, do not forget to add a floral wreath to the door.

Floral Crown – Whether you are organizing a spring theme bridal shower or baby shower, a spring floral crown is a must-have. Depending on the dress, you can make the crown dramatic or subtle.

Dining Table Centerpieces – Add freshness and color to your dining area with fresh flower centerpieces. You can arrange for flowers delivery at your home in Melbourne and also use your creativity to make centerpieces.

Cake Toppings – For any romantic occasion, a cake topped with fresh flowers makes the best addition. Fresh flowers are also being used to decorate the base and tiers of cake along with the top.