Carnations: A Blend of Beauty and Utility

November 15, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Carnations are extremely popular and used for a variety of purposes as they are available in various colours, and some species are even multi-coloured. The carnations are native to the region of Eurasia, and they are one flower that stays fresh long after being cut from the plants. When you buy carnations from Melbourne or select to buy carnation arrangement in Melbourne, make sure that you choose the right colour for the right occasion.

It is still debated whether the name carnation originated from Greek or Latin, but their scientific name is dianthus caryophyllus; the term “Dianthus” first being used by a Greek botanist named Theopharastus. Facts about this ancient carnation flower state that it was dedicated to the Greek God Zeus and termed as “flowers of God”. Next time you choose carnations for an online flower delivery Melbourne, know that these flowers have a history of around 2000 years behind them along with various myths and legends.

Carnation uses


Carnations have rich colour shades, and each colour is used for a different purpose, so before you buy carnation flowers from Melbourne, it is best to learn about the significance of the colours.

•White carnations symbolize great affection and fond memories and are often used in funerals.

•Dark red ones signify deep love and are ideal for sending a romantic message.

•The pink carnations have a lot of significance as there are said to have originated from the tears of the Virgin Mary. They are used for Mother’s day to signify the undying love towards mothers.

•The purple colour represents the capricious nature of an individual.

Medical use

Another reason for Carnation flower cultivation is because of their use in the field of health and beauty. A lot of research is yet to be conducted in this arena, but it can be surely stated that the utilities of this flower go beyond its beauty. It is always safe to seek medical advice before using carnations as solutions for any health problems.

•The flower can help to relieve muscle spasms and calm nervous anxiety.

•They can also have a positive impact on heart conditions and can cure coronary problems.

•Products from this flower can improve skin conditions and help against problems like eczema.

•The essential oil extracted from carnations is extremely beneficial to prevent ageing of the skin and other symptoms like hair loss.

So the next time you send flowers to Melbourne, you can include carnations in the arrangement. To buy carnation flowers from Melbourne in the best conditions, you can take help from the online florists, who can provide the best deals.