January 22, 2020
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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2020 has begun and January is almost ending. The New Year fever is over for many, but for some, it is yet to begin. We are talking about the Chinese New Year. Unlike the Georgian calendar, Chinese New Year starts with the new moon appearing between 21st January to 20th February. This year it is falling on 25th January.

This occasion is celebrated worldwide, especially in places with major Chinese populations, including, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and Mauritius.

It is a sign of cultural celebration. The date is not fixed and keeps changing every year. As the Chinese New Year is based on the lunar year. The festival lasts for 15 days, starting with the full moon.

Any celebration is incomplete without flowers. Here are some of the flowers that will best suit the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Flower

Usually, the preparation for this lunar news begins a month in advance. According to the Chinese tradition, people start cleaning their houses, applying new paint, clearing all their debts, etc. Now that only a few days are left, it is time to pay attention to the last-minute decoration.

All the flowers in every color are beautiful and add freshness and happiness to the celebration. But if we talk about the Chinese New Year, specifically red and gold color rules the decoration.

The gold color symbolizes prosperity and fortune and the red color is a sign of virtue, joy, truth, and sincerity. Perfect symbols to welcome the lunar new year. But you need not stick to these colors only. You can also experiment with yellow, sweet pink, hot pink, and white to add a little modern touch.

1. Chrysanthemum :

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This flower symbolizes longevity. Using them in your decorations means all the good luck and prosperity will stay all year long. You can choose and order online flower delivery in Melbourne. Some of the best picks can be Autumn Blossoms, Sweet Bliss, Pretty inbox, etc.

2. Roses :


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Roses are an all-time favorite and can fit best for any occasion. The plus point of choosing this flower is the variety of colors it is available in. Red and gold are the colors for Chinese new year’s day. So of course, red roses are the first choice. But you can also order flowers online in Melbourne picking your choice from – sweet Inspiration, Boundless Bouquet, North Melbourne Posy, etc.

3. Gerbera :


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Gerberas are known to relieve everyday stress. What better way to commence the Chinese New year than to get rid of the stress. This flower also symbolizes cheerfulness and beauty. It can be the best choice for decoration and celebrating Chinese Culture. You can choose elegant arrangements from the flower market like – Bright Desire, Lemonade Box, Festivity, Pink Blooms with Vase, etc.

We have done half of the work for you by providing the perfect options to choose from. Now, all that you have to do is, visit Melbourne Fresh Flowers and order flowers online for the Chinese New Year Decoration.

Happy Chinese New Year to All..!!