Corporate Event Flower Ideas with Melbourne Fresh Flowers

May 17, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Are you wondering how to make your corporate event a success? Event decor is essential to any event, and with beautiful corporate flower arrangements, you can impress every employee and client. Know the secrets to picking the perfect flowers for corporate events.


Why to add flower arrangements for corporate events?

Corporate events can get stern and dull quickly. The nature of such events is originally serious as business concepts are discussed and deals are made with a lot of money involved. Hence, the addition of flowers of different colors, fragrances, and beautiful shapes can lessen the grim atmosphere and help people relax.

Why are corporate flowers essential for events?

The beauty, hues and fragrance of corporate flower arrangements make everyone smile and spread positivity. It makes the venue captivating and shows that you’ve made an effort to welcome and impress the guests. These events often address serious business topics and can feel dull, but with corporate event flowers, you can change the tune of the atmosphere.



How to choose flowers for your corporate event?

Every corporate event has a different purpose, like product launches, speaker sessions, corporate brunches and many more, and you need to pick the right flowers to complement your event. Here are some tips:


  • Nature of the event
  • Depending on the event’s purpose, pick flowers that will look professional, not over-the-top, but not less appealing.

  • The colours
  • Each flower and its shade has a different meaning behind them, and you must know what the flowers define before making a choice. For instance, red roses are considered a symbol of love, which wouldn’t be the right option for business purposes.

  • Seasonal flowers
  • Adding fresh flowers is a great way to enhance your event, and to make that possible, you should choose flowers available in that particular season. These will add more life to your occasion.



    How to showcase your corporate events in style? 

    The only way to make your event look classy is to give the floral arrangements the correct placement. Decide how many floral installations and bouquets you want based on the venue size. You wouldn’t want it to be overcrowded. 

    The tables, the entrance, the backdrop and the stairs – these areas are appropriate locations for corporate flowers. Book a florist online in Melbourne to help you with the placement and make your event look stylish. 


    How to decorate your corporate stage with flowers?

    The stage is the highlight of any corporate event, and a beautiful floral decor will jazz up the area, and it can look stunning in pictures. There are various ways in which you can decorate the corporate stage:


  • One way is to go minimalistic and focus on creating a simple yet elegant decor style. You could use orchids, carnations or lilies to give a subtle yet business look.

  • You could also go for a sophisticated and large corporate floral arrangement in the centre of the stage. Adding multiple colours of flowers will look even more pretty.

  • Hanging flower stage decoration is another way to use floral decor, and a fresh garland from the ceiling is a good option for this category.


    How to choose flower bouquets for any corporate event?

    With colourful and fragrant floral bouquets, you can make your event stand out and wow the clients with the setting. When it comes to flower bouquets, there are different factors to consider: 


  • The types of flowers, their shade and whether you want to mix and match or stick to one particular bloom is something you should consult with a florist in Melbourne and make a final decision. 

  • If a photographer or videographer covers the event, you should consider brightly coloured arrangements which light up the place and look stunning on camera. 

  • You also have to consider whether your arrangement should be big and fuller or small and light. The bouquet would either represent an extravagant gesture or symbolise respect and subtlety.
  • Which flowers to use for decoration at corporate events? 

    Let’s dive right into the types of flowers and what they can symbolise when added to a business event – 


     Outstanding Orchids 

    They come in various colours, but the yellow and tall ones will be perfect to symbolise a feeling of friendliness and new beginnings.


    Thoughtful Tulips 

    Classy, tall and yellow tulips make for a decor that will spread hope and cheerfulness among all, making every serious detail worth understanding. 



    Lovely Lilies 

    Lillies match perfectly well for sophisticated and subtle events. They’re delicate, pretty and modest. A vase full of these flowers will add brilliance to your event.



    Many other flowers like Gerberas or Daffodils would also be good additions as floral arrangements for corporate events