Decor Halloween Party with Beautiful Flowers

October 25, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Halloween can be pretty spooky…!! The first things that come to your mind when you think of Halloween are ghosts, vampires, ghouls, tricks and treats, and many monsters. But nobody would think of flowers, when it comes to Halloween.

Well, it’s time to change this perception. Halloween can also be all about flowers and spooky Halloween table decorations, and eye-catching, floral arrangements.

Wondering how? Keep reading, and you will get several interesting ideas for Halloween floral decorations.

Spooky Halloween Flower Decoration Ideas

Though flower decorations are calm and beautiful, we have a few ideas that can make it look uncanny and creepy. Instead of using the normal vases, you could use more chilling props like skulls or witches’ cauldrons to display the flowers.


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There are several flowers you can pick up from. But to create the perfect ominous flower arrangements, the following can be the best options to order flowers for Halloween Party,

      1. Lilies
      2. Roses
      3. Carnation
      4. Chrysanthemums
      5. Snapdragons
      6. Gerberas
      7. Orchids

Many common plants can be added, like the “Red Poppy” has a bloody red tone on its petals. Alternatively, the dark-coloured “Spider Chrysanthemum” flowers could add a touch of chilling aisee feel to the bouquet.

Focus on The Colours

Flowers can be all colourful and candy for the eye. But if we are talking about Halloween, colour combinations should be immaculate. Some dark flowers with lighter vases can do wonders.

Consider using the pumpkin as a vase with Purple Chrysanthemum, Roses, Pink Gerbera, Pink Carnation, Orchids, Burgundy Snapdragon, and some White Chrysanthemum.

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Experiment and Add Some More Eerie Flair

To add to the Halloween spirit, some experiments with the chandeliers are a must. You can try a ghoulish makeover for the chandelier and give your Halloween party a scary look altogether of another level.

Start by draping flowers and plant material over the arms of your light fitting. You can also use the fiery red gloriosa. Its intense colour will add to the scary look. Adding lots of Tillandsia moss will also be a good option, as it will give a web-like appearance.

Adding some accessories like few plastic spiders at some places with fake cobwebs, small skulls or skeleton hand, and of course not to forget small pumpkins will leave your guests spell bounded and sacred too.

Order Flowers for Halloween Party.

Halloween itself is so much to think and prepare about. You need to think about the costume, the guest list, and to keep up with the spooky environment. Decoration can be an added point.


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But you need not worry about the Halloween party decorations, use the above-mentioned ideas and make the spooky festival more enchanting, and scarier.

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