Easter Flower Arrangements and Table Décor Ideas

March 17, 2021
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Easter is just around the corner, so it’s time to start preparing. In addition to Church, Gifts, and Easter eggs, another important aspect of Easter is the family meal, for which it is imperative that you have the most beautiful Easter flower arrangements and table décor. Even if you are not hosting, you can bring flowers for the host, or a flower arrangement for the host’s table.


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Here are some Innovative Easter Flower Arrangements and Table Décor Ideas:

Rustic Spring

Sure, you can use a vase of regular flowers as your centerpiece, but who hasn’t already seen that? Instead, go rustic. Get a plant in a decent flower pot, which ideally has either blooming flowers or flower buds ready to bloom. Decorate the flower pot as you like; you can even decorate the plant with ribbons or lights. Once you are happy with the way it looks, you can use it as table decor. This idea is also environmentally conscious, because, after Easter, you can just grow the plant, replant it in your garden, or even gift it to someone else.


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Painted Eggs on a Nest of Moss

This one is simple. You must already be painting eggs for Easter as tradition dictates or at least buying some, which is fine too. So, all you have to do is buy some more or paint some more in your favorite colors. You can go pastel blues and pinks, bright spring colors, or even do dark with midnight galaxy designs, your choice. Once you have your eggs, get a bowl and decorate it with grass, moss, and/or foliage to make it look like a nest. Once the nest is ready, gently place your eggs in the nest, and you’ll have a unique table arrangement.


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Spring Globe

This is a take on the Snow globe, after all, why should winter have all the magical fun. You can get around the vase, a bowl, or a teacup and arrange some flowers in it with plenty of grass, foliage, and accompaniments. Or you know buy a flower arrangement, or get one delivered. When you have your best Spring Flower arrangement, place it on a tray or a mat and cover it with a bell jar or even an upside-down bowl. It will look like a well-preserved spring wonderland.

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These are just some ideas for Easter flower arrangements and table decor. You can do so much more; your imagination is your limit. But one thing is certain that having Easter Flower Arrangements is a must, so you can make one or get fresh flowers delivered to your home, or to the home of a loved one. One of the best companies to get flower delivery in Melbourne Fresh Flowers, which even offers same-day Flowers Melbourne delivery in Malvern, Oakleigh, Chad stone, Carnegie, and many other suburbs within the city.