Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Anniversary Flowers And Their Meanings

April 12, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Anniversary Flowers And Their Meanings

Just like birthdays, wedding anniversaries are special. They symbolize romance and love between two beautiful souls & let them cherish the time they have spent together. Since ancient times, flowers hold immense power of conveying beautiful emotions to a person. No need for words, just mesmerizing flowers blooming to their full potential and making the receiver loved.

In this article, you will read about some exotic yet mandated reasons to wish your partner with wedding anniversary flowers. And to help you select the best types of flowers, below you will find their meanings as well. So, get along.

Main Types of Anniversary Flowers to Gift with Their Meaning

Choose Carnation on Your 1st Anniversary

Coming in some splashing colours of red, pink, yellow and white, the carnations can never let your love feel unmoved. They hit the dopamine right when it’s required, as the colourful look of these blooms is the epitome of young and passionate love. Besides, these are the highly-opted 1st-anniversary flowers in Melbourne.

Pink Carnation Flowers in Glass Vase


Lilies and Sunflowers for the Next two Anniversaries

Representing pure love, sweetness & good fortune, these anniversary flowers can win hearts in seconds. As bright as the colour white, lilies have the power to keep your love blooming. You can easily choose our creative Melbourne florist to help you create a vibrant and eye-catching lilies bouquet or vase arrangement.

Lilies Flowers for Anniversary


Sunflowers, on the other hand, spread the essence of passion, nourishment, strength & warmth amongst the couple, letting them know that no matter what comes, they will stand beside each other till their last breath. Thus, they are chosen as a traditional gift usually on the 3rd wedding anniversary.

Sunflowers for Anniversary


Celebrate 4th and 5th Anniversary with Hydrangeas and Daisies

To show gratitude and appreciation towards your better half, nothing can be better than Hydrangeas. This loving blossom comes in blue, purple, pink, white, green and other shades & spread a sense of pride and gratefulness with its little small petals. It doesn’t matter if it’s your 4th or 14th anniversary, you can get this Flower Delivered in Melbourne from our best online delivery service.

Hydrangeas and Daisies for Anniversary


And, if you want your wife to know how pretty and gentle she is, go for daisy. The centre of a daisy represents the strong bond between couples while the petals stretching outwards speak about the future growth opportunities for them. So for your ‘forever love’, get a beautiful floral arrangement of daisies by choosing anniversary flowers delivery option and surprise your partner.


Order Calla Lily and Freesia on the 6th and 7th Anniversary respectively

With its slender and sophisticated formation, calla lily celebrates the 6 years of togetherness, transition & growth of couples. But when it comes to Freesia, it represents the trust and fidelity of the couple towards each other for the past 7 years they have been together, and for the years to come.


You can find all these flowers at the best online florist in Melbourne who not only delivers the fresh flowers to your doorstep but provide the best floral vase arrangements of all time at affordable prices.

Lilac, Bird of Paradise, Daffodil and Tulip

Be it your 20th anniversary or 30th anniversary, these flowers can never get out of fashion. Lilac with its great fragrance takes your beloved into old memories, the first emotions and makes them cherish the time you two have spent together.

The bird of paradise is the symbol of magnificence, splendour and vigour, spreading through its large orange and blue bloom. Daffodil with its vibrant yellow colour reminds us of simple pleasures, chivalry and happiness. And, not to forget about Tulips because these egg-shaped blooms create an aura of peace, purity, enthusiasm and joy between couples.



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And now that you know about the types of flowers for every year and decade of marriage, pick up your phone and place your order with Melbourne Fresh Flowers right away to enjoy the fragrance of the freshly picked blooms at your premises on your Big day.