Experience Valentine’s Day celebration with AR Technology

February 17, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Do you find AR filters fun? Do they seem entertaining and engaging? Today, marketing is evolving, and with advanced technology, it’s becoming more and more possible to engage with your customers.

Augmented Reality is one of the exciting new developments, and when merged with occasions like Valentine’s Day, it just gets better. This special celebration offers brands a whole week of promotion, emotional connection and making moments fun for their target audience. Before we understand more about AR making campaigns interactive, let’s gather more knowledge on this technology.


AR Technology


Augmented Reality and Social Media

AR enhances an individual’s experience by modifying the real-life environment with sound effects, visual effects and more. This technology has had a significant impact on social media and inspired many marketers to explore its role in brand campaigns.

During the pandemic, Augmented Reality assisted a lot of retailers in keeping their customers’ shopping journey interesting. For example, the IKEA Place app gave users a chance to see their products as part of the real-world spaces around them. You could hover over an empty living room and see which sofa/chair may look good there.

Similarly, many e-retailers took their chance with a 360-degree virtual showroom, virtual shopping experience and more.

AR has slowly become a part of the marketing strategy and can serve as a creative idea to design a filter, app or barcode for Valentine’s Day. So, whether it’s Valentine’s special product launch or promoting new food additions, AR technology can make it innovative and interactive.

If you’re wondering whether AR is worth the time you spend on it, keep on reading to find out.


Advantages of Augmented Reality

From trying on products before making an online purchase to visually judging the placement of certain furniture products, AR serves as a feature that makes users’ imagination come to life.

By leveraging this technology brand will be able to see –

1.Better Engagement

Whenever users see a brand post on Instagram or any other social media platform, they only interact with it for a few seconds. But when it comes to AR-based games, filters or apps, the interaction persists for more than 50 seconds.

According to an app, Blippar, brands that use AR filters receive interaction from users for approx 75 seconds. So, if you’re looking for traction through a Valentine’s Day campaign, this might be the way to go.


Better Engagement


2.Good Returns

Say one user tries your AR app or filter and purchases the product. They share the experience with their friends. Now, their peers are intrigued to try it and end up loving the filter and making an impulse purchase. Thus, you can integrate the fun and business aspects for your 14th February campaigns and sell the brand’s products engagingly.

3.A chance to go viral

Today, brands try to hop on a trend by using the same base concept created by another brand. There’s a lot of competition and only minor chances of going viral.

A better and unique way would be to create your own Valentine’s Day engaging game on social media platforms and run a contest for it. This way, single and committed people can both play and win. The interaction grows as they compete.


A chance to go viral


4.Better Visibility

When you stand out with unique ideas, people notice your campaigns. While everyone tries to woo their customers with their story-based videos or simple contests on love, your AR filter or app can seem like a different experience in the usual spectrum of posts.

The truth is, AR gives a unique experience without spending thousands or millions of dollars. At times, brands invest a big chunk of their money on advertisements and avoid AR thinking it’s expensive.

Let’s look at a few examples of brands that have used this technology for their campaigns.

Brands & AR Campaigns

With extensive research, you’ll find hundreds of campaigns that have utilised this technology for their benefit. But today, we’re focusing on some Valentine’s Day related campaigns.

– Papa John’s launched a love-themed campaign in collaboration with Snapchat. They designed an AR filter that hovered heart-shaped pizzas over users’ selfies and encouraged people to share a humorous picture with their friends and place an order. Their strategy boosted visibility and got them multiple orders for pizza.

–  Nescafe incorporated a barcode on their Ready-To-Drink packs. Upon scanning the code, they could go on a virtual date at various locations like the beach, mountains or even a music concert.

The campaign served as an immersive experience during the pandemic and persuaded people to buy their packs.

–  Small brands like Melbourne Fresh Flowers also launched a 3D AR art shaped frame maker through a bar code. People could scan and use it for their date pictures or upload a selfie with the flowers using the heart filter.


Valentine AR Technology


AR technology is growing and becoming a part of the marketing mix for social media platforms. Soon, you’ll even see them in Instagram Reels. It has the potential to take consumer experience to a new level. As a brand or marketer, you can kick start now and get a jump up on the trend.

Not only for Valentine’s Day, you can use AR Photo maker for International Women’s Day, AR Photo maker for Mothers Day, AR frame for Christmas etc.

Get the most out of this feature and pitch it well to your clients for Valentine’s Day.