Father’s Day Australia 2019: Best Gift Ideas

August 30, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Looking for unique and blissful father’s day gift ideas in Australia for this year’s celebration? Tired of the usual underwear and cologne and all out of ideas?

Consider gifting dad a bouquet of flowers to show him how much he means to you this Father’s Day.

Gifting flowers to a man is a relatively new concept, and it shows him that you treasure his involvement in your life.

What type of flower is suitable for your dad?

So Let’s Check out One of the best fathers day gift idea in Melbourne, Australia.

1) Chrysanthemums

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For the man who has been there for you always, chrysanthemums are the perfect gift.

Chrysanthemums are traditionally given to men as a sign of friendship, but in modern day times they are perfect for the man who has been by your side growing up, through the good times and the bad times.

At Melbourne Fresh Flowers we grow and maintain a range of chrysanthemums ready to deliver to your father on his special day. Club these fresh chrysanthemums with a nice pen or stylish cufflinks to make this father’s day gift idea the best one.

2) Orchids

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For the working professional, orchids are the perfect choice.

A recent study showed that when orchids were nearby, focus and memory were improved by 20%, so orchids are the perfect addition to dad’s work environment to help create a relaxing atmosphere that also boosts performance.

At Melbourne Fresh Flowers, we are heavily stocked with various kinds and colours of fresh orchids ready to deliver.

3) Gerberas

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Is your father a bit of a clown? Does he like to make a few jokes here and there? Then he will surely appreciate a bunch of gerberas from his kids this Father’s Day.

Gerberas are the perfect choice for dad from his kids because they represent cheerfulness, harmony and a good time. You can also pair gerberas with a beautiful photo frame to surprise your dad. You will find plenty of online stores that offer personalized fathers day gifts in Australia, pick the most beautiful frame for your dad.

At Melbourne Fresh Flowers we have gerberas blooming as we speak just in time for Father’s Day and the spring!

4)  Yellow Roses

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Spoiled for choice? How about gifting your father a flower that simply says, ‘I thought of you today’? If that is you, then the best flower for him is a bouquet of yellow roses.

Yellow roses are the perfect flower for the father who deserves recognition for the role he plays in your life. Whether he is a friend, colleague or relation, a gift of yellow roses will ensure he feels appreciated on his special day of the year. This could be the perfect option for the first father’s day gifts in Australia.

At Melbourne Fresh Flowers, we have bouquets of yellow roses ready to deliver!

Not sure which flower to get? At Melbourne Fresh Flowers we have an extensive range of fresh, well-maintained flowers ready to deliver. This year we are also offering customized handmade Father’s Day special cookie gift box which is perfect treat for your Dad. Contact us today for speedy service and fast flower delivery.