Father’s Day Flower Delivery in Melbourne

August 27, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Treat your dad this Father’s Day and order a bouquet online through our Father’s Day flower delivery service in Melbourne.

Browse through some of our flowers below and discover the plants and flowers that your father will love. Our Father’s Day flower delivery service lets you order the flowers online. Order in advance so your flowers will arrive by Father’s Day!

Don’t buy your dad what all dads get. He doesn’t need another tie or another toolbox set. Break traditions and buy your dad a first-class bouquet of flowers.

Father's Day Native Flower Arrangement Melbourne


At Melbourne Fresh Flowers we have a wide collection of fresh and beautiful flowers we know your dad will love. We’re aware that dads can be hard to please, but we’ve got it sorted with our special dad collection.

The flowers you see below are of premium quality and are excellent choices for a gift when you just don’t know what to get dad. Yes, it might be ‘cliché’ and it might seem ‘romantic’ but you can’t say they won’t make your dad happy.

Bring your father happiness with our Father’s Day flower delivery Melbourne service.

Flowers trigger a range of chemical reactions in the human brain we associate with happiness.

Your dad may get a hit of dopamine, which our hunter-gatherer ancestors enjoyed when winter finished, and good weather was on its way.

Online Father's Day Flower Bouquet Delivery Melbourne


Your dad may also get a hit of serotonin, which we associate with well-being, pride and excitement. He also may enjoy some oxytocin, which is the chemical we associate with trust and relationships.

No matter what set of flowers your purchase your dad, you can be sure he’ll have a good time.

And why stop there? Check out our collection tailored for Mother’s Day and for that romantic occasion with your special some. If you order by 12:30PM, we’ll make sure you get a same day delivery.