Send Flowers for Men & Making Him Feel Special

January 07, 2020
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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When it comes to gifting flowers or sending bouquets it is by default assumed that it is for a girl. Because it has almost become a tradition that delicate and beautiful just like the women, flowers are only for girls.

But why should girls have all the fun?

The lovely men also deserve this special attention and elegant treatment in the first place for choosing and loving you.

Isn’t it right?

So, today we are listing down some flowers for men – making them feel special.

Send Flowers to Men

Men have plenty of options to choose from if we talk about gifts for women. But for women, it gets difficult with limited choices.

Adding flowers to the limited list will make him feel special.

Just like you, men also like being regularly reminded that you love him or care for him. Breaking the stereotype and taking the new bold move to send men flowers will undoubtedly remind them that you are thinking of him and he is special for you.

Best Flowers for Men

While pastel colors are best suited for women, men prefer dark colors. And unlike women, men would probably like more masculine and less busy arrangements.

If you are thinking of sending online flowers to the man of your life or are thinking of a way to just show that you appreciate his friendship, the below options will be the best pick.



Order Online Orchid Box Arrangement Melbourne


A mixture of purple and white orchids can be a perfect selection for your man. You can order online flowers in Melbourne and send him a simple yet elegant Contemporary Orchids bouquet, a Lucid White Orchid, or a small Phalaenopsis Orchid Pot.



Order Online Roses For Men's Delivery Melbourne


Let us broaden our imaginations a little and come out of the tradition, that roses are only for women. Rose is an all-time favorite flower and is best for any occasion. If you want to express your passionate love for him a bouquet of red roses is your choice. If you want to show how priceless his friendship is for you, yellow roses are the ones.


Order Online Chrysanthemum Delivery Melbourne


Chrysanthemum symbolizes showing gratitude. Sending an online bouquet of Chrysanthemum to your man is an elegant and sophisticated way of showing your gratitude for him. Our online store – Melbourne Fresh Flowers have a variety of options to choose from. You can order floral arrangements for men like Entrancing Affection, Garden Posy, Box of Chrystie, Mix Chrysanthemum Arrangements, etc.

When to Send Him Flowers?

Obviously, you do not need an occasion to send him flowers. You can order online flowers delivery in Melbourne every time you want to say that you are thinking of him. But since men are not used to receiving flowers so frequently, some of the best occasions can be, birthday, anniversary, valentine day, Father’s Day, his big achievement day, to apologies, or simply say that you miss him and love him dearly.

This 2020, let us break the stereotypes and begin a new tradition of sending flowers to men and making them feel special. All you must do is order online flower delivery in Melbourne and choose the perfect floral arrangement for your man from our plethora of options.

A very Happy and Floral New Year to everyone!