February Birth Flowers And Their Meanings

February 14, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Wishing friends and relatives on their birthdays with gifts and flowers has been a tradition that dates back to the Victorian era. Since flowers were an essential part of birthday gifts, the “language of flowers” evolved. A specific meaning was ascribed to flowers according to the month they were gifted. This is how the birth flower originated. Each birth flower is distinct with specific meaning and significance. So if you want to wish someone on his or her birthday, know these February birth flowers and their meanings.

Iris Flowers

Iris flower has been associated with the Greek goddess Iris. It also means “rainbow” in Greek since it blooms in red and brown, blue and purple, pink and orange, white and yellow, as well as black. It symbolizes faith, hope, wisdom, and eloquence. Iris flowers have been around since the 28th Egyptian Dynasty. It is also believed that a flower that is chiseled into the Sphinx of Giza is Iris.


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Colors & Symbolism

Iris has high relevance in Greek mythology. It was goddess Iris who used the rainbow as a means of transportation to deliver messages of love, faith, and hope. Since then, Iris is associated with expressing messages that bring cheer to the recipients.

A bouquet of Iris flowers for a birthday in February denotes these meanings:

• Purple iris means wisdom and compliments

• Blue iris expresses faith and hope

• Yellow Iris represents passion

• White iris is considered for purity


Violet Flowers

Violet belongs to the genus Viola and is another popular February birth flower. It is also one of the oldest flowers the Greeks cultivated around 500 BC. It is so named because of its distinct blue-purple color. Besides this typical color, violet flowers also grow in blue, cream, and yellow. Due to its immense popularity in the United States, it has been declared an official state flower by Rhode Island, New Jersey, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


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Symbolism and meanings

Violets are symbolism of modesty. They were born, when Artemis transformed her nymph into a flower to save her modesty from Apollo. In Christianity, violet also represents Virgin Mary’s modesty. When spiritual wisdom, humility, and faithfulness are talked about, violet flowers surpassed all other flowers. They also symbolize deep love, loyalty, and happiness. A bouquet of violet flowers shows that you are always there for the recipient no matter what life brings in.

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