Five Flowers For The Upcoming Spring Season

August 07, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Who doesn’t love flowers? With spring blooming (pardon the pun) a gift of flowers is the perfect way to make somebody’s day, brighten your home or office or to simply treat yourself.

Here are five beautiful flowers to buy this upcoming spring season.


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Whether you are looking for a gift, or just want a nice display for your home or office, lilies are a perfect choice.

This flower, which has been around for 2,400 years, is known for being very versatile, blooming in a multitude of colors.

Lilies are best suited for anniversaries, Mother’s Day and as a congratulatory gift.

Not sure which color to choose? Here is our guide:

1] Pink for love and compassion
2] White for purity and modesty
3] Yellow for happiness and joy
4] Orange for energy and confidence
5] Purple for pride and success
6] Red for passion and love

Still undecided? At Melbourne Fresh Flowers we offer a mixed bouquet of different types.


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You can never go wrong with a bit of lavender. Blooming in around October, lavender is recognizable for its strong fragrance.

Lavender thrives in warm places and in high temperatures. It requires very little maintenance and is perfect for keeping your home or office smelling divine.

It is also used in essential oils to treat a variety of health issues such as headaches, burns, and insomnia. It is even used as a meditation tool and can foster a relaxing environment.

At Melbourne Fresh Flowers, we have a range of lavender in stock ready to deliver to your home or office.


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Sunflowers are a popular choice in the warm weather as they thrive in the heat. They are most often displayed in gardens and in windowsills (for those species which don’t grow very tall).

A sunflower will last a very long time and can grow upwards from six to ten feet tall!

At Melbourne Fresh Flowers, we have sunflowers freshly picked and ready to take back and grow.


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Who doesn’t love a rose? This classic favorite needs no explanation. It is the world’s most popular flower and is best known as a romantic gesture.

If you want to make somebody feel special and appreciated this spring, treat them to a bouquet of roses.

At Melbourne Fresh Flowers we have an assortment of roses ready to bunch together and gift to that special someone.


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Orchids are a universal favorite, having been blooming for hundreds of years in over 25,000 different species around the world.

This spring, gift someone the beautiful orchid to show them what they really mean to you.

To send the message, have a think about the type of orchid that says what you would like to say. Are you celebrating Mother’s Day? A wedding? Or are you saying congratulations and good luck?

Whatever the occasion, at Melbourne Fresh Flowers, we have a variety of orchids  and will happily bunch several kinds together to make sure the recipient feels valued.

Not sure which flower to get? At Melbourne Fresh Flowers we have an extensive range freshly picked, taken great care of and offer combinations of multiple types of flowers. Contact us today for speedy service and fast delivery.