Five Ideas to Decorate Corporate Event with Flowers on A Budget

November 22, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Whether it is a conference, seminar, meeting, product launch, opening ceremony, award ceremony, trade fair, networking, fund-raising, etc., holding a budget-friendly event is a tough task. But sometimes, the scarcity of funds can give rise to creativity and innovation. With our corporate flowers & arrangements, it is possible to have it on a budget. Use these five ideas for your corporate event to be a talking point for long.

Stunning Entrance

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An attractive entrance will set the mood of guests and turn their heads. A rectangular, square, or arched floral frame is perfect to create a welcoming ambiance. If the walkway from the entrance to the main function is long, line up the corridor with long-stem flowers. If you cannot find such flowers, just order sunflowers since they have a large head, bright colour, and long and firm stems.

Adorn your corporate logo

If the corporate event is to launch a product, use flowers to build a replica of the product. You can take a huge or medium-sized printout of the product to make a banner that can stand vertically on the ground, and place flowers as if they are embossed. For this, you will need the help of a floral decorator.

Floral Wall

Colourful floral wall has become the hottest trend and an essential part of event decoration. Use it as a backdrop for the center stage. Since a better part of the function would be on the stage from where announcements, felicitation, and speeches will be delivered, a floral wall can make the corporate event colorful. We offer corporate flower delivery in Melbourne to any venue.

Unique Centrepieces


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Provide your guests a stylish setting arrangement by decorating tables with unique centerpieces. With corporate flowers Melbourne, you can go from minimum to maximum for centerpieces. If you believe in less than a place a tall vase with mixed flowers on the center of the table. If there are a large number of tables, contact us for the flower delivery. For table centerpieces, you can use carnations, and baby’s breath along with vibrant green foliage. To control your budget, use mason jars or simple cylinder vases to hold the flowers.

Decorate the dining table


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If guests are served on a long table, it’s necessary to make the table attractive and not keep it bland. Your guests should enjoy the served meal and relish every bite. To enable this, place a long trail of fresh corporate flowers in the center of the table. Order delicate blooms in different shades to place them crisscrossed for laying a pool of flowers.

Melbourne Fresh Flowers understand that corporate events are essential for the success of the business. And this is possible if the event imbues elegance and formality seamlessly. With a range of corporate flowers, and the best creative floral designers at the helm of our service, we can build a stunning ambiance your guests would hate to come out.