Five Reasons to Send Flowers Just Because

September 19, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Here we list the 5 best reasons to send flowers to your loved ones.

Flowers can be a great gift for somebody on a special occasion, such as Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and a birthday, but you do not necessarily need an occasion to give flowers to somebody. Flowers can be given just because.

Perhaps there is somebody in your life who you would like to recognize for his or her hard work? Or maybe you would like to show someone you are thinking of them?

There does not need to be a reason to gift flowers, and at Melbourne Fresh Flowers we ensure we are readily stocked ready for gifting just because.

Here are the top 5 reasons to send flowers to somebody a bouquet of flowers just because…

…they are a great friend

Gifting flowers can be a great way to show a friend that they are a great addition to your life.

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At Melbourne Fresh Flowers we suggest a mixture of gerberas, lilies and roses to show that friend you really value their presence in your life. Consider our Pink Flower Arrangement bunch for the friend who has been there for you through thick and thin.

…you would like to thank them

Perhaps you’d like to recognize hard work by a family member, friend or colleague and unsure how to do it. Gift them a bouquet of a beautiful flower arrangement and they will surely know how much you appreciate their contribution to your life. There is nothing better than to send flower to say thank you and tell them how important they are in your life. It works like healing magic that strengthens your bond.

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At Melbourne Fresh Flowers we suggest the Bright Floral Arrangement full of lively and exotic flowers of a variety of colors. Order this now and send flower to a friend who was always there for you when you needed them.

…their favorite flower is in bloom

We are now well and truly into springtime here in Melbourne, and with it brings all the most wonderful flowers blooming. spring flowers blooming this season to choose somebody’s favorite as a gift this spring season.

…they need cheering up

Would you like to cheer up a friend, colleague or family member when they are feeling sad or upset? Consider our Happy Times arrangement which is made up of roses, carnations, and button poms. This is a great way to brighten their mood and make them feel better. Surprise and bring joy on their face by this little gesture of love. Send flower to cheer up your loved ones and tell them you are always together in all highs and lows.


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…just because!

There does not need to be a specific reason to send flowers as to why you are gifting a bunch of flowers to somebody. You might just like to gift a bunch for no reason, and that is perfectly okay!
At Melbourne Fresh Flowers, we encourage you to consider some of our best sellers, which are Yellow Gerberas, Orange Asiatic Lilies, Tulips, and Roses. We also offer customization, so you can choose the bunch that best suits the person you are gifting to. There are so many small and big reasons to send flowers to our loved ones and make them feel special. Order fresh cut flowers now and let’s bloom up their day.