Five tips for wedding special flower arrangement

July 18, 2016
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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When a wedding is planned, a lot of brainstorming takes place on things to do and buy. Every detail is considered and work is divided for managing easily. While jotting down the important things, you come across a flower arrangement.

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Though flowers are vital, you need to choose the right ones for your occasion.

Bride’s bouquet:

The first and important thing for a wedding is the bride’s bouquet. The bride’s bouquet should depend on the wedding gown. If the gown is in a darker shade, then go for subtle color flowers and if it is simple, then flowers can be in amazing color assortments to complete the look.

Bride Bouquet

Bride’s relatives: 

The bride’s relatives like her mother, sister, and groom’s mother, and his sisters will also need special flower arrangements. You can go for small colorful assortments in their hand. If you want to try something unique, you can go for small flower corsages that can be tied on the wrist or buttoned up on the dress.

Venue Decorations:

You may need flowers for venue decoration. You florist can be your flower stylist for the venue décor as they have a good experience.

Seasonal flowers: 

Though you may have your choice, going for seasonal flowers will bring that freshness of the weather.


If you want to make your flower arrangement yourself, then you can check with your florist as many delivery services have the option of customizing. If you have something exclusive in mind, you can consult with your florist and they can help you.

Buying flowers online in Melbourne can be a good idea as you can numerous options to view and it will save your travel time.