Five Ways to Decorate Christmas Tree with Fresh Flowers

December 08, 2017
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Christmas tree decoration in Melbourne has gone a magnificent change. People have moved over the usual tinsel, ornaments, bulbs, and baubles for decorating the festive tree to fresh flowers. While who brought this change is not known, the result is simply magnificent. If you need inspiration, here are the five ways to decorate a Christmas tree with flowers.

1) Tuck Fresh Flowers In Christmas Tree

First, decide on the design for the festive tree. You will also need layering materials that can help in arranging flowers securely on the tree. Use string lights for wrapping the tree. Cut the stems of flowers and arrange them on the tree between its branches. If required, use floral wire to tie the flowers to the branches so that they stay put.


Christmas Tree Decoration With Flowers


2) Jazz Up The Christmas Tree

Give a fresh and natural feel to your Christmas tree with the Best Christmas flowers in Melbourne. Use silk ribbon in golden color to wrap the tree. See that the shape of the tree is not distorted. Take pink and red roses and cover the entire tree by inserting them into the branches at equal distance. If your local florist is running out of flowers, order Christmas flowers online.


Christmas Decoration With Fresh Flowers


3) Go Crazy With Colors

A Christmas tree that bursts vivid colours is another way to make it interesting. For that, you need to buy Christmas flowers in pink, white, red, purple, yellow, and orange colors. Along with flowers, ordering a baby’s breath for making the festive tree vibrant can create magic. Just stick the baby’s breath in the tree branches covering the entire tree. You will need a florist wire to do so. When the gorgeous baby’s breadth is secured into the branches, take a single flower with the long stem at a time and just do what you did to the baby’s breath.


Christmas Tree Decoration With Vibrant Flowers


4) Make It Grand

If you have brought a Christmas tree that is more than 4ft. tall, you can go crazy with the decoration. However, you will need a reliable florist for Christmas flower delivery in Melbourne since decorating such a long tree will require a good number of Christmas flowers. You can mix flowers for decoration in different colors and shapes. Use the flowers to create a zigzag thick stack of three to four layers as if you are wrapping the tree with flowers. Red roses, peonies, gerbera daisies, and hydrangea are perfect blossoms for this decoration. For an additional touch, you can even add a bow on the top.

5) Freshen Up Your Living Room

Get creative with red roses, peonies, orchids, and sunflowers by arranging them in a haphazard manner. Though the arrangement will not be in sync, the idea here is to let the living burst with the freshness of flowers. Along with flowers, use baubles, and plaids in red and blue stripes.

From white and pink lilies to blue chrysanthemum, pink and red roses, white hydrangeas, amaryllis, orchids, red poinsettias, gerbera daisies, and peonies, you can buy Christmas flowers from Melbourne Fresh Flowers. We will be working for Christmas day flower delivery tirelessly so that you can enjoy the festival to the fullest.