Flower Delivery in Hospitals: All You Need to Know

December 22, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Flowers have been scientifically proven to heal the ailing and to uplift the mood of people, in general. Many hospitals encourage flowers as a present for recovering patients. With Melbourne Fresh Flowers, get your flower delivery in hospitals and cheer someone up!

Top Picks in Get Well Soon Flowers

Each flower is unique in its shape, bloom, colour, scent and other features. Equally important is the symbolism of each flower, especially for someone who has just undergone medical surgery or is recovering from an illness. Here are some flowers which delight, irrespective of your medical condition.


Get Well Soon Daisies Vase Arrangement


Daisies are the most ideal get well soon flowers given the cheerful nature of their appearance. Daisies are available in an array of colours – orange, yellow or even plain white. The latter is an all-time classic. Daisies are known to last for many days and they can retain their fresh look even after as many as seven days. Complement this trait with the recovery of your loved one!


Peony Bouquet Delivery for Get Well Soon


Peonies are synonymous with sprint. And, sprint is synonymous with rejuvenation and new beginnings. This makes peonies a wonderful option for sending get well soon wishes to your friend. Peonies in their full glory are a sight to behold. A recovering patient will automatically feel his/ her mood uplifted every time they lay eyes on these pretty flowers next to their hospital beds. What’s more, in some traditions, peonies also signify the power of healing.


Hydrangeas Vase Arrangement for Get Well Soon

Although much less preferred than daisies or peonies, hydrangeas still make for a unique gift of healing. These flowers, naturally arranged, as they are, in clusters, symbolize the power of perseverance, making it an ideal choice as a get well soon gift. You can select a beautiful bouquet or a boxed arrangement of these unique blooms to gift away.


Pansies Vase Arrangements for Get Well Soon

Pansies symbolize thoughts of love, meaning they are an ideal choice to convey to the recovering patient that you are thinking of them fondly and praying for their well being. These bright and bold flowers in blue (and sometimes, multicoloured) are sure to uplift the sickly and transport them into a more positive frame of mind.

Tips on Choosing the Best and Safest Flowers

Here are certain considerations to keep in mind when choosing a bouquet of flowers for your loved one at the hospital.

Check with the respective hospital whether they allow flowers in their premises or not. If your loved one is recovering in an ICU or a burns unit or has had a baby recently and is recuperating in the maternity ward, this rule may be especially relevant.

Always check with florists and other experts about possible allergens in flowers. Even if your intended recipient does not have a pollen allergy, for example, there are hundreds of others present in a hospital at any given moment who might be at risk from exposure to certain flowers. On this note, it is good news for admirers of roses, carnations and chrysanthemums as their pollen remains unexposed, inside the flowers. This is not the case with lilies.

Make sure your flowers are washed. If they appear dirty or grimy, or you spot a bug, give them a good rinse before you take them along on your hospital visit.

Flowers with woody stems are a good choice because they don’t get soggy easily and so the need to change the water in the vase can be kept to a minimum. You can do a great favour to the hospital staff this way! Another possible option in this regard is a foam arrangement for the flowers which would retain the water for longer durations of time.

It is best to have a small bouquet instead of a bulky one, though a bigger one might invoke greater happiness. Space will become an issue in a cramped hospital room with minimal furniture. Your glorious bunch of flowers might have to make way for other essential hospital items.

Always purchase vases made of materials that won’t break easily, such as metal or wicker. Vases made out of glass or ceramic may look prettier but could break easily for reasons outlined in the previous point.

Melbourne Fresh Flowers

For a wide range of get well soon flower delivery anywhere across Australia, whether in Alfred Hospital, South Yarra or you need Cabrini Hospital flower delivery, order at Melbourne Fresh Flowers. Cheer up a friend or a relative and help them heal faster with our creative floral arrangements, expertly crafted as per your wishes.

On a parting note, do keep in mind hospital policies regarding sending and receiving floral gifts. Particular areas in a hospital may not allow flowers for health considerations, such as the Intensive Care Unit. In such cases, you can choose to send them a floral bouquet or a box arrangement once they are back home.