Flower Therapy to Build Relationship

January 17, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The Bach flower remedies can be classified under ‘vibrational medicine’ just like acupuncture and homeopathy. The Bach flower remedies believe that the human body has a self-healing capacity which can be triggered with flower therapies.

Flower remedies for a relationship and other relationship-building are made by floating flower blossoms which are at the height of their bloom and exposing it to sunlight. After a few hours, water absorbs the energy of the flower, and then this bottle needs to be stored and ingested in small quantities every day. This is known to encourage balance and positivity while clearing all negativity.

Background of Bach flower remedies

In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach, who was a British Doctor and a pioneer in vaccination, discovered a technique for how to build a strong relationship using flower remedies. Dr. Bach experimented with various flowers and after years of experimentation and research, observed that patients who are happier tend to recover faster as compared to patients who are harboring negative emotions like depression, etc. This indicating healing begins within the human spirit, and eventually, he created a healing system for every human emotion, using different flower essence.

How to use flower remedies for a relationship

The Bach flower remedies are not a cure, but a supportive therapy, just like eating well, exercising, and yoga. The Bach flower remedies raise your inner vibrations and help those who wish to find love and confidence by eliminating emotions that limit their self-belief.

Users can customize their formulation by mixing different essential fragrances within a single jar. The jar can be topped up with apple cider vinegar, brandy or vinegar for preservation. Mix it well and consume a few sips of this water a few times a day.

Here are some flowers and fragrances which can be used to heal emotional wounds and recover from residual pain:

Star of Bethlehem

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The Star of Bethlehem is a and helps users to heal from emotional and physical shocks and trauma, heal sadness, pain, etc.



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Chicory is amazing. Its essence helps in building emotional security to enable the user to love without any fear or inhibitions. The chicory is a good remedy for people who feel unloved, neglected, and believe things around them are out of balance. 


Another great fragrance and flower for mental health and are best-suited for people who are suffering from a feeling of loneliness and emptiness within their lives. Heather helps to turn your loneliness into independence and achieve a feeling of fulfillment.



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The centaury is a flower for emotional health and perfect for people who have to help nature and cannot say ‘no’. This helping nature of people, though might be a wonderful trait, makes them prone to being taken for granted, or being abused. The centaury fragrance helps alter the state of mind which puts ‘you’ and ‘your needs’ first and clears your judgment which enables you to help others when it is appropriate.