Flowers are the perfect gift to send someone you love safely during a crisis time!

April 02, 2020
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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COVID-19 has put the world into lockdown. We are separated from our loved ones. Convey your love and concern for them with a bunch of fresh flowers.

Australia is gearing up to fight the menace of COVID-19 that has brought the world to a standstill. In such a situation, flowers with their bright and cheerful colors and fragrances, assume special significance. Even if you are unable to be with your loved ones in this hour of crisis, send them a bouquet of fresh blooms through Melbourne Fresh Flowers. We will deliver beautifully handcrafted flowers as a message of love and reassurance to your loved ones.


Send Flowers for your Loved Once Melbourne


Contactless Delivery

MFF offers you the guarantee of secure delivery that is also contactless, as we realize the need for minimum physical contact. We offer the convenience of ordering and paying online for flowers in Melbourne.

We’ve issued the following safety guidelines to all our delivery partners: ⁠
1. Avoid direct physical contact with clients/ recipients, wherever possible. ⁠⁠
2. Leave gift packages at the front door of residential addresses ⁠or inside the foremost entrance of ⁠business addresses.⁠
3. Notify the recipient about secure delivery by knocking at the door or ringing the doorbell.⁠
4. Sanitize hands before and after making a drop, as well as before, in between, and after their shifts. ⁠
5. Take a photograph as evidence of delivery, thereby doing away with the need for a purchaser’s signature. ⁠
⁠6. Put on face masks (not obligatory, but discretionary). ⁠
⁠We ask that our customers kindly cooperate and help our drivers to accomplish and follow these health and safety guidelines. ⁠

Fresh Flowers Guaranteed

We offer a wide range of fresh flowers. However, under these exceptional circumstances, you may find limited stocks, depending on availability from our partner flower growers. We have also decided to source only home-grown flowers for this period of time. However, do not despair as we have beautiful selections of roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, and other charming favorites!


Box Arrangement of Fresh Flowers Delivery Melbourne


The highest In-store Sanitation and Safety Standards are strong.

Melbourne Fresh Flowers is committed to strictly maintaining sanitation and safety norms for the sake of our employees and customers. To this end, we will ensure that our store and workshops are clean and sanitized. As a response to the need for social distancing, we have limited our customer interactions to online business only. We are looking for your cooperation and patience so that we can see this crisis through, together!