Follow These Random Acts of Kindness for Feel Good February

February 15, 2022
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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The saying is absolutely true that doing something nice for someone simply brightens their and our day. The random acts of kindness not only improve our own well-being and behavior but are also beneficial for those receiving them.

It makes other people feel great and boost our own happiness too! Research shows that giving and saying something nice to someone is great for our own mental wellbeing. It’s also the best way to keep you motivated and engaged with society.

While kindness is a wonderful practice for every day of every year, Feel Good February is also a great movement that inspires people to connect, talk, and socialize in order to spread harmony everywhere during February.

In order to celebrate Feel Good Feb, we’ve put together some best acts of kindness day that you can follow in your life and make you and your near & dear ones happy always!

Practice these random acts of kindness to make a difference in society as well as in your life.

1. Giving genuine compliments is a good deed

Compliments are a great way to show others that we appreciate their accomplishments and strengths, and you value them. If someone gives you a compliment, try to compliment in return, not just because they admired you but because this act of kindness goes a long way!



2. Send beautiful flowers and write a letter for someone special

Let a loved one know you’re thinking of them by giving a bunch of fresh flowers along with a beautiful message card. This thoughtful gesture can brighten someone’s day. If you can’t meet them in person due to current COVID conditions, you can choose online flower delivery services like Melbourne Fresh Flowers.



They not only have the best flowers for all occasions but also provide same-day flower delivery in Melbourne. In this way, you can send beautiful flowers to your special someone from the comfort of your home and make them feel loved and valued for just because or no reason at all.

3. Cook something for someone who needs it actually

Have a friend who just became a new parent? Perhaps a family member or friend who is unwell, or is going through a difficult phase of life at the moment. In such cases, you can prepare homemade foods for them as this is a genuinely practical way to help them out and show that you care for them.



4. Pay for someone’s coffee/meal at a coffee shop for showing kindness

If you could ask your local restaurant to pay for a coffee, a meal, or even a water bottle for the next customer. Such random acts of kindness could even encourage that customer to do the same, creating a consistent series of kind gestures.


5. Clean up the park or the beach

Take your random acts of kindness to society level as well. Such as you can collect litter in a park or clean the beach. In this way, you will make the space cleaner for a whole neighborhood and at the same time help in improving the environment.



6. Let someone go in traffic/queue in front of you

Long traffic jams or supermarket queues are always hectic for everyone. So, in case you are at such places, try to let someone go in front of you. It could really make their day and they’ll always remember your kind gesture.

7. Help someone in completing their chores

If any of your friends or even family members find it difficult to complete a particular, then try to do that for them without expecting the favor in return. This will really be appreciated by them.

8. Offer your seat to someone else in local transports

You can offer your seat on a local bus or train to someone else because they might need your seat more than you. Even if that person doesn’t accept your offer, your thoughtful act will be appreciated by them.

9. Give Smile to a stranger

Even if you make random eye contact with a stranger, you should try to give them a genuine smile. They’ll likely give a smile back to you. In this way, both of your days will be a little happier and brighter!



10. Take a moment to really listen

If are not able to meet personally, you can even use social media platforms to ask someone a question about their lives and try to really connect and listen to their story. Active listening shows that a person really matters to you and you value them. This random act can help you build stronger social connections.



Final Thoughts!

Connecting and socializing with near and dear ones bring more value to our own lives. Good relationships improve our emotional wellbeing and create a lively environment in which we feel loved, heard, and understood.

Send flowers and gifts online to your loved ones to show your concern for them. Don’t wait for the moment or special occasion to connect and share your love. Just take the moment and make it special for you and them as well.

Nurturing genuine connections and practicing random acts of kindness in this fast pace of modern life can be difficult. But a regular emotional connection with family and friends can make it easier to thrive easily in life!