Guide to Gifting Roses by Color and Meaning

July 11, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Roses are the obvious choice when we think of gifting flowers to our near and dear ones. They are beautiful and bloom in a range of colors. Regardless of their hue and sizes, roses are the potential of grabbing the attention of the beholders. Be it a wedding, birthday, or any special event, these perennial blossoms are the first choice. But seldom does any know that not every rose color carries the same meaning. This lack of knowledge foils the message the giver intends to convey. So before opting for flower delivery in Melbourne, know this guide to gifting roses by color and meaning.

Red Rose

There is something about red roses that they are picked for ages by poets as an expression of love and romance. Their beauty and perfection make them ideal for proposing to someone. They are the most affordable way to say “I love you.” Besides expressing your hidden love for someone, red roses are also the first choice for gifting to near and dear ones on birthdays and weddings. Other than carrying the message of love and romance, a bouquet of red roses also means appreciation for the recipient. Red roses are also used as wedding flowers in Melbourne for decoration and gifts to guests.


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Pink Roses

There are many shades in pink and so do the meanings. They are best to gift when you have just stepped into a relationship and are looking forward to carrying it further. They represent joy, admiration, and gratitude. Besides lovers, pink roses are also preferred for gifting to friends and relatives when you need to show affection for them. In case, you want to appreciate the recipient’s innocence and sweetness, you can gift a bouquet of light pink roses. For expressing deep gratitude, gift deep pink roses. To express a token of admiration to your friend or relative, a bouquet of pink roses is the best.


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Yellow Roses

The yellow color in itself symbolizes joy and exuberance. And when the rose is this universal happy color, then what else could be the best gift to send birthday flowers to a dear friend. A bouquet of yellow roses is to celebrate friendship as well as to congratulate friends on something good they have achieved. Yellow roses are the best way to display that your friendship is pure and platonic.


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Orange Roses

Whether you are fascinated with someone’s charm or driven by their passion and energy, the blazing orange roses are best for gifting. They are preferred for expressing strong feelings be it passion, gratitude, or enthusiasm. A bouquet of orange roses is usually meant for communicating great desire, strong feelings, and pride. The orange roses are the second to red roses when it comes to igniting passion and romance.


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Green Roses

These roses may be a little difficult to find but are best when you want to express best wishes to someone on their new beginning. You can find green roses with an online wedding florist since they use them for preparing wedding bouquets. Since green roses are off-white roses, they are also used to wishing recovery from medical conditions.

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Mixed Roses

The beauty of the rose lies in its ability to go well with any other blossoms in various flower arrangements. They can even be combined in different colors when you want to convey the message of happiness to the recipients. A bouquet of mixed roses in varying colors represents mixed feelings.


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Whether you want to express love, affection, admiration, friendship, or gratitude this guide to gifting roses by color and meaning will help you. If you want to send flowers for your birthday in Toorak, contact Melbourne Fresh Flowers. This online florist provides same-day flower delivery to all suburbs in Melbourne for all types of personal and professional events.