How Keep Cut Flowers Blooming For Longer Time?

March 12, 2018
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Nothing in this world is everlasting. All the living beings, living organisms, man-made and nature’s creations perish with time. Flowers too are not spared of this bitter truth. When fresh-cut flowers are used in bouquets and arrangements, they bring lots of cheers and happiness to the beholders. But sadly, they start wilting and leaning downwards after a few days. Luckily, you can make cut flowers last longer by following these tips.     


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Change The Water On Alternate Days

While water is essential for cut flowers to survive, see that you change the water on alternate days if daily isn’t possible for you. Also, check that there is an adequate water level in the vase or container. The moisture level in the vase must be maintained. If there is no or less water, the flowers would dry up causing their petals to droop.

Trim The Flower Stem

Flowers need to intake water in order to last longer. When cut, they draw water from the stems, which work as a straw for them. But after a few days, the end of the stem that is inside the water gets damaged making it difficult for flowers to soak water. So use a sharp knife to trim the stems and cut them at a 45° angle. Ensure that, while trimming or cutting, the stem is held under running water.

Give Breathing Space

Don’t add too many stems of flowers in a vase. Just remember that the flowers would last longer only if there is enough space for the stems to breathe. If they are crammed in a smaller space, they won’t be able to breathe and eventually contaminate the water.

Make Stems Free Of Leaves

The part of the stems that remains in the water must be bare. If they are producing leaves that are touching the water, cut them off immediately. Stems with leaves that are in the water will release bacteria and cause the instant death of cut flowers.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Roses are vulnerable to direct sunlight. Not only do they start losing their shine, but also suffer a slow death. So, try to keep them away from sunlight, or heat caused by electronic home appliances. Even if you maintain a normal home temperature, that will be enough for roses. The crux of this message is to provide a cool temperature for roses.                                             

These tips are not only effective but easy to follow as well. Moreover, you needn’t have to do be an expert florist or invest lots of time. These few simple tricks are enough to keep the cut flowers fresh for a longer time.