How to Celebrate International Women’s Day

March 03, 2021
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Best Empowering Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day 

For over a decade, we are enthusiastically celebrating women’s power, leadership, and contribution to society on March 8. International women’s day 2021 is around the corner, and it’s time to gather and express our gratitude towards all the women we have in our lives.


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There are several reasons why is it important to celebrate international women’s day. The primary reasons are equality and advocacy for women’s rights. Top world leaders are constantly working towards empowering women and creating more leadership opportunities for them. However, every individual can take responsibility for this mission and make women’s day a memorable one.
If you seek inspiration over how to celebrate International Women’s Day, then we at Melbourne Fresh Flowers have got you covered. We have gathered some of the best ideas for a women’s day celebration that will surely create an impact and fuel our surroundings with more awareness.

It’s the right time to gather your teammates or your family members and discuss these best ways to celebrate international women’s day. Let’s contribute towards the noble mission of equality by cherishing this day in unique ways.

Participate in International Women’s Day 2021 Theme

Every year, there is a special theme to commemorate this day globally, and this year’s theme is Choose To Challenge. Encourage your teammates, family members, and friends to join this social media campaign and raise awareness against bias. Participating in the “Choose To Challenge” is an easy and fun activity for March 8. All you need to click yourself raising a hand high in the air.




Share this picture on social media platforms and tag your friends to encourage them to do the same. This simple action of yours towards equality and empowerment is worth thousands of words.

Involve everyone into activities
Whether you are seeking ideas to celebrate International women’s day in the office or planning a virtual get-together, let’s involve men and gender binary people. March 8 is all about women, but it’s important to involve everyone in the activities. Champion the gender equality mission; it’s vital to encourage other genders and create a greater impact.


Women's Day Activities


An organization or a workplace where everyone is actively participating in programs is much more productive and happier. If you plan to decorate your place with International women’s day quotes, let’s involve men and other individuals also for this activity.

Host an Online Panel

The best gift for women’s day, allowing everyone to express freely what they truly feel and believe. You can organize an online panel and invite all your teammates for a fun and productive discussion. You can pick a topic for discussion or keep it casual.


Women's Day Meet


Let everyone express their gratitude towards the mission of March 8 and allow other individuals to express thank you to their women colleagues. In the hassle of work, expressing gratitude takes a back seat. So, make the best use of this opportunity and show your gratitude to special women by saying some happy women’s day quotes.

A Virtual Coffee Treat

The best way to inspire or get inspired is by exchanging ideas and simple conversations. One of the most unique happy women’s day gifts is to give an in-person or a virtual coffee treat. Ask for their 20-30 minutes and discuss a topic of their interest over a nice cup of coffee. By this, you will get to know more about them and their beliefs.


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To make it memorable, you can distribute useful corporate gifts for women’s day, like a good book, flowers, or a fitness band.

Host a Movie Screening

It’s an amazing idea to watch a movie together that reflects women’s leadership. You will find a ton of good movies like Hidden Figures and Suffragette. Host an online watch party and invite all your friends and colleagues to enjoy the movie together. You can also host a short 10 minutes session after the movie to discuss everyone’s take on the film.


Celebrating Women's Day


Support Women-Owned Businesses

Supporting the women-owned business helps in boosting their confidence, and it also contributes to equal economic empowerment. There are several businesses that are owned, controlled, and operated by women, and on this Women’s Day, let’s encourage all by strengthening their businesses.


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Final Thoughts!

Get the fastest flower delivery in Melbourne from Melbourne Fresh Flowers and begin the Women’s Day festivity with full enthusiasm and joy. Let’s mark International Women’s Day 2021 most remarkably and surprise the women in your life with beautiful women’s day flowers online. Happy Women’s Day.