How to Choose the Best Birthday Flowers

August 19, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Flowers are the ultimate way to show someone you care. When it comes to birthdays, “thank you’s”, congratulations, and special occasions, flowers are a classic gift, showing thought, care and style.


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When it comes to choosing flowers for someone, the style and arrangement should be based on the occasion – Valentine’s day and anniversaries call for classic red roses, or other romantic favorites. A new baby might be celebrated with a bunch of pink or blue blooms. For birthdays though, we have the option of choose either seasonal bouquets, or those associated with the birth month in question.

If you don’t know what flower is associated with your gifts birth month, we have compiled a handy list below:

January: Carnation
February: Iris
March: Daffodil
April: Sweet Pea
May: Lily
June: Rose
July: Larkspur
August: Gladiolus
September: Aster
October: Marigold
November: Chrysanthemum
December: Poinsettia


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Bouquets designed with these flowers as a focal point can be a simple way of adding a little extra thought and care to your gift. For accent flowers, seasonal blooms are best as the fragrance will be richest.

If you are still stuck when it comes to the flowers you want to order, remember, a florist will always be able to give you the best advice. You can order fresh flowers for delivery in Melbourne, and call us to ask advice. Our innovative florists can help you select from our pre-designed bouquets to ensure your floral delivery will spark joy in the heart of your recipient.