How website images colours are different from real product colours?

December 10, 2020
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Why do the products I received look slightly different from the images shown on the website? It is a common question that people have while they receive their flower bouquet. There could be multiple reasons behind the slight variation between the real product and the pictorial representation. To simplify this, below are some reasons for this.

Shooting conditions of flower arrangements

Generally, the representation pictures are taken outdoors under bright natural lighting conditions. Due to this, the images look more vibrant than the actual received product. The lighting plays a huge role while clicking the picture as all the colors look more accentuated than real.

Camera used for clicking pictures

Along with the natural lighting conditions, the camera quality is also a key factor in why the images on the website look vibrant, and the colors pop out nicely. Most of the floral arrangement pictures are taken using professional cameras which are capable of capturing more pixels. Even the same photo taken from a phone and a professional camera will bring in a slight difference in quality.


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Seasonal flower’s availability

We always strive to match your floral bouquet with the exact flower arrangement shown in the pictures, but the shades may vary due to different seasons. As some flowers are seasonal the color shade may vary as the surroundings and climate change. But to ensure the highest quality, our expert team of florists always picks fresh blossoms.

Flower’s size and shape

Depending on the availability, the flower’s size and exact shape may vary from the website’s pictures. However, it’s always ensured that the floral bouquet looks the same while arranging the flowers. We always ensure that all flowers are fresh, vibrant, and flawless while preparing the arrangement. We pick most of our flowers from local growers, and it helps us in delivering the freshest arrangements.

These are the key reasons why sometimes the actual received product looks slightly different from the pictures present on the website. But, we at Melbourne Fresh Flower always make sure you only receive what you perceive. We collect most of the flowers from our local group of growers, and they directly reach us without any halt or delay.

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