“I am sorry I messed up”: Say it with a Bouquet of Apology Flowers

August 22, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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Apologizing is an art. And, like all others arts, it needs to be felt from within to be truly meaningful. People choose to apologize in their own ways, through writing or speech, or simply by doing something to make the other person feel special. This helps in the process of forgiving and healing.

Ways to Apologize

Simply saying sorry might not be enough sometimes. As the wise ones have said, “actions speak louder than words.” So, make your actions count.

We have made a list of actions that you may try out to potentially earn forgiveness.

1] Say it with Flowers – When words are hard to find, say it in the language of flowers.


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2] A Gift Basket – Your gesture of apology can be amplified with a gift basket consisting of his/ her favorite savories or trinkets. You can choose to send it over at their workplace. If you feel this can backfire, wait for them to get home and discover it neatly placed on the dining table or the bed.


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3] Special Dinner – Is your partner a foodie? Even if he she is not, nothing says, “I care about you” than a special culinary date. Plan a surprise dinner at her favorite restaurant (some of our top picks include Osteria Ilaria, Sunda, Ishizuka. Or, simply order in his favorite food. Whether eating at home or dining out, opt to decorate your dining space with fresh flowers to up the romantic quotient.

4] Surprise Vacation – Travel brought you to together. Why not tide over the current trouble with a romantic getaway? Melbourne offers great vacationing options in and around itself. Whether it is the gorgeous Hepburn Springs or the inimitable Rocky Hills, you are spoiled for choices.

5] Plan an Outing – Taking time off work and planning a day out to really devote time to your partner can also go a long way in healing the wounds. Take them out for a dance or hang out at your favorite mall, shop for the things they love, listen to them talking!

Express how truly sorry you are for what has happened and how it has made you sad. Say it like you mean it!

The Best Apology Flowers


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There are a wide variety of apology flowers such as fresh roses, lilies and orchids, in a plethora of colour options to convey your apology. Here, we list our all-time favorite’s.

Roses and Lilies

Traditionally, roses and lilies have been the favorite picks for brooding lovers and people seeking forgiveness. They are usually considered the best apology flowers for girlfriend. Red roses represent affection and fidelity. White roses symbolize chastity, truth and silence. Pink one’s express gratitude.


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Lily of the Valley represents rebirth and rejuvenation, thereby making it the most ideal apology flower. A lily indicates that you want to move past the trouble that you find yourselves in and make a fresh start. Lilies also symbolize humility. You don’t want to forget that when you are the one doing the apologizing!

Blue hyacinths are symbolic of peace. They may not be the first-choice apology flowers, but if you have gone to the trouble of getting something unique to say sorry, pick these beauties. They will send the right message across.

Pink carnations are often used to apologize to your loved one for forgetting something very important to them. Carnations convey the message, “I’ll never forget you.” So, while you are yourself not sure whether you’ll be a repeat offender, for the time being you can patch things up with a bouquet of carnations.


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Orchids symbolize power, strength, virility and rarity. These are often considered the best apology flowers for boyfriend. Orchids ll your man that he is appreciated for his qualities. Orchids also represent sincerity and the long-lasting nature of your relationship. Tell him that your love for him is bigger than the harsh words you may have said to him at the spur of a moment.

Say it with an Melbourne Fresh Flowers Bouquet


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Now that you have settled on the most appropriate apology flowers, have Melbourne Fresh Flowers arrange them for you. Choose from our range of bouquets, boxes and vases.

Whether it is Roses, Lilies, Carnations, Orchids, or any other fresh flowers you seek, we will deliver them at the address of your choice without a fuss.

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