Filled Gifts With January Birth Flower : The Carnation

December 31, 2019
Author: Melbourne Fresh Flowers
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January is just around the corner and it’s time for a fresh start. Leaving behind all the regrets and mistakes, everyone is pumped up to begin the new year with a jovial mood.

Apart from the beginning of a new year, January is also the birth month for many. So this January, we have also planned something new for your birthday.

Birthdays are always a reminder of hope, prosperity, a new chance, and a new beginning.

When we talk about prosperity and a fresh start, flowers come first to mind. And of course, birthdays are incomplete without a perfect bouquet.

January Month Flower

Carnation Flower Delivery Melbourne


Gifting according to birth signs and birthstones is very common. It’s time to try something new this time.

Gift a beautiful colourful bouquet to your loved with this January according to the birth flower.

Yes, there is something like this!

Every month has a birth flower and it is Carnation for the month of January.

If we dig in a little deeper about Carnation, the flower’s botanical name is Dianthus Caryphyllus. In Greek, it means “Flower of Gods”.

The origin of this flower dates to ancient times and today it has more than 300 known species.

Carnation Colours and Significance


Carnation Arrangement Melbourne


The best feature of this flower is, it is available in multiple colours and has a longer life span in comparison to other flowers.

Different colours signify different things:

● Red Carnation signifies passionate love.
● White is for pure love.
● Purple Carnation defines capriciousness or whimsicalness.
● Yellow colour signifies rejection or contempt.
● Stripped Carnation signifies regret.

All together the January birth flower – Carnation symbolizes beauty, divine love, gratitude, pride, admiration, and distinction.

Best Carnation Arrangements for Birthdays

Birthday Carnation Flower Melbourne


Thinking of what to gift to your loved one this birthday? We have covered the difficult part for you. All you have to do is choose the best from our online outlet and order Carnation for delivery.

The list below is just a glimpse, you can visit our website Melbourne Fresh Flowers, choose from a range of varieties and order birthday flower delivery in Melbourne.

Some of the top picks are:

Expressive: express your love and appreciation with this perfect bunch of pink Roses and Carnations, white and purple Chrysanthemum, and pink Lilies.

Large Surprise Box Arrangement: a perfect way to surprise your loved one with this artistic bouquet made of bright pink Gerberas, yellow Roses, blue mix flowers, and Carnations.

Sweet Posy Arrangement: if you are looking for something simple yet elegant, this is the one for you. This bouquet of Roses, Carnations, Gerberas, and Daisies will definitely express your care and thoughtfulness for the person.

Red Carnation With Vase: red colour, of course, symbolizes passionate love. Gifting this arrangement to your loved one on their birthday is a splendid way to express your love.

Carnation and Freesia Box: want something that will impress her and also fit your pocket, this is the pick. She will surely love the pink Carnations with a mixture of white Freesia because pink is her colour.

Send Carnation for a birthday this January to your loved ones and express your feelings in the most graceful way. Hurry up and order carnation flower delivery in Melbourne. Special discount is available for a limited period.

A very Happy Birthday to all the January borns.